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Somara Theodore Weight Loss Journey: Inspiration & Diet Plans

Somara Theodore is a shining star in predicting the whims of the weather while inspiring women in the world of science. But how did the weight loss journey of Somara Theodore take place?

Somara Theodore is an American meteorologist who is currently working for ABC News.

She primarily provides weather forecasts on the show and does the same for 103.5 WTOP Radio.

Somara Theodore, however, has recently also become a social media personality.

This is primarily because of her Emmy win and her recent involvement as a health and wellness coach.

However, what is catching the attention of many is the weight loss journey of Somara Theodore.

Somara Theodore Weight Loss Journey: Inspiration & Diet Plans

The weight loss journey of Somara Theodore has been documented well across her social media.

She regularly talks with her followers about her practice for weight loss.

Further, besides weight loss, Somara Theodore shares inspiring quotes with her fans regularly to promote mental well-being.

Somara initially influenced her weight-loss journey when she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

This diagnosis made her realize she needed a major change in her lifestyle.

Somara’s primary focus was on the food quality she consumed. She ate more nutrient-rich food and avoided food items lacking nutrients completely.

Somara Theodore before weight loss journey filling for AI on the news
Somara Theodore released an E-book named The Unearthing in September 2020, consisting of a brief collection of poems accompanied by an audiobook. (Source: Instagram)

With a focus on nutrients, she managed to maintain a calorie deficit.

Also, one important point for Somara Theodore on her track toward weight loss remained unprocessed foods.

Somara Theodore also recognized the value of good sleep during weight loss.

Although foods and nutrients could help, sleep is something that proved crucial.

Along with sleep and her diet plan, she prioritized her mental well-being.

With discipline maintained throughout her plan, Somara observed significant weight loss.

This output only encouraged Somara even further, and she reveals this also helped her confidence.

With confidence came the empowerment within Somara Theodore that she would eventually get where she planned.

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Tips From Somara For Sustained Weight Loss: How Much Did She Lose?

Somara Theodore has openly promoted weight loss and self-well-being through her social media.

She has also shared some tips with her followers to ensure sustained weight loss, not only an initial burst of weight loss.

One of the primary tips is to establish a healthy eating plan. She shares the importance of including fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins in the diet.

Other crucial tips also include an increment of physical activity. At least 30 minutes of physical exercise is suggested each day by Somara.

Somara also gives a tip to maintain proper progress monitoring to ensure that you remain motivated.

Somara Theodore on the set of the news channel in New York
Somara frequently posts about her parents on social media, but their identities and other facts are unknown. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Somara also suggests having some support from your friends and family. Finally, she also suggests prioritizing self-care.

With these tips, Somara is optimistic that it will also help her followers towards their weight loss journey.

Throughout the weight loss journey, Somara Theodore lost over 80 pounds.

And this weight loss she managed is maintained to this day, as is evident from her social media posts.

Somara Theodore was never overweight; however, with the pre-diabetes diagnosis, she quickly found herself focusing on her health.

Given her strong fan following, Somara realized that she could not only encourage herself but also her fans.

Hence, she documented her weight loss comprehensively, ensuring that her fans would remain in touch about Somara’s diet plans.

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