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Somara Theodore Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is The NBC Journalist?

Recently, many have shown interest in knowing about the NBC journalist Somara Theodore and her Wikipedia. More about her further down the article.

Somara Theodore is a talented meteorologist who received awards for her work.

She was part of the Storm Team 4 at WRC-TV in Washington D.C. for six years, where she delivered weather forecasts on weekend newscasts, NBCWashington.com, WTOP Radio, and NBC’s Weekend Today.

Somara also extensively covered Hurricane Ian for MSNBC.

In Washington D.C., she shared her expertise as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, teaching broadcast meteorology.

You can see her on the weekend editions of News4 and listen to her on 103.5 WTOP Radio. Meanwhile, she became a part of the News4 team in 2016.

Now, many are interested to know about Somara Theodore and her Wikipedia.

Somara Theodore Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The NBC Journalist?

As the start of the Wikipedia of Somara Theodore, she was born in 1990 in Maryland, Virginia.

However, her exact date of birth is not known to the public.

But it is speculated that she may have been born in the early half of 1990, which makes Somara 33 years old as of 2023.

As for parents, Somara Theodore was born to a surgeon father and a therapist/midwife mother.

Her parents moved to the US in search of a better future for themselves and their children.

During her childhood, Somara lived in various cities, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Honolulu. This exposure sparked her interest in weather.

Somara Theodore in black shirt
Somara Theodore is very close to her family. (Source: Instagram)

After finishing high school, she attended Penn State University.

In 2013, she graduated with a BA degree in meteorology, along with minors in Chinese, energy, business, and finance.

In college, Somara faced challenges in subjects like fractions, but with hard work and encouragement from her mom, she overcame these difficulties. She even shared this experience in a TED Talk.

During her time at Penn State, Somara gained practical experience by interning at WUSA-TV, WGCL/CBS46, and The Weather Channel.

Additionally, in 2011, she worked as a research assistant in micrometeorology at NASA for two months.

From May 2013 to May 2015, Somara worked as a weekend meteorologist at ‘WJCL ABC.’ She then joined the “WEWS NewsChannel 5” team.

However, she left ‘NewsChannel 5’ after she openly supported a presidential candidate, which violated the network’s policy.

Upon joining NBC4, Somara started contributing to various platforms like News4, 103.5 WTOP Radio, and NBCWashington.com.

She reportedly earns a salary of over $55,000 to 130k for her work.

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Somara Theodore Marriage And Husband

The next part of the Wikipedia of Somara Theodore includes about her marriage and her husband.

Somara Theodore married her longtime partner, Carl C. Scott, in August 2019. They chose to have their wedding in Oahu, Hawaii, with more than 80 people joining them.

Somara Theodore in the set
Somara Theodore is a married woman but has kept married life private (Source: Instagram)

After the wedding, Somara and Carl shared pictures on social media. In these photos, it’s clear they had a wedding that was not typical of American traditions.

Instead of a traditional white wedding dress, Somara wore a gown that reflected her Trinidadian heritage.

Meanwhile, even though it has been several years since the marriage, Somara still doesn’t have biological children of her own.

It’s possible that they might just be taking it slow and aren’t ready to bear kids yet.

However, considering Somara is in her early 30s, this might soon change, and she will likely give birth to a kid in the future.

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