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Who is Mutahar ‘Someordinarygamers’ Wife Doejenggles? Kids and Family

Mutahar’s millions of subscribers are curious and asking many questions about his personal life. People are particularly interested in the wife of SomeOrdinaryGamers.

Mutahar Anas, also known as SomeOrdinaryGamers or S.O.G., is a 27-year-old social media star from India who now lives in Canada.

Moreover, he’s famous for gaming, reviews, and technology videos on his YouTube channel, SomeOrdinaryGamers. Apart from YouTube, he regularly streams on the platform and hosts podcasts.

SomeOrdinaryGamers has built a strong fan base by exploring the depths of the internet and investigating technology mysteries.

Additionally, his most popular series is ‘Deep Web Browsing and Virus Investigations,’ where he delves into the internet’s darker corners.

Recently, there’s been a lot of interest in his personal life, with people curious about the wife of SomeOrdinaryGamers and family details.

Wife Of Someordinarygamers: Who is Doejenggles?

Many people are curious about SomeOrdinaryGamers’ personal life, especially his wife and love life.

After the YouTuber hinted about being in a relationship, his fans and admirers have been searching for details about the wife of SomeOrdinaryGamers and their relationship timeline.

There’s a lot of excitement around the fact that he’s in a relationship, and fans are eager to know more about his significant other, known as Doejenggles.

SomeOrdinaryGamers wife holding his arms
Mutahur feels his life is better with his wife (Source: Twitter)

Mutahar, the guy behind SomeOrdinaryGamers, confirmed his relationship during a podcast with guest Wavywebsurf. He mentioned that his girlfriend, Doejenggles, works as a nurse.

Moreover, while discussing being in a relationship, he confirmed his marriage as he called her his wife. However, Mutahar values privacy when it comes to his personal life.

Some clues about their relationship include a photo on Twitter where they both wear bracelets with each other’s names.

Similarly, Mutahar’s bracelet has “Jenna,” assumed to be his wife’s name, but her full name and background details are still unknown.

Hand of Mutahar with watch and bracelet along with and his wife with bangles and bracelet
Doejenggle’s real name is Jenne (Source: Reddit)

Additionally, the wife of Someordinarygamers is active on Twitter, but she doesn’t share much about her personal life. Her Twitter username is Doejenggles.

Moreover, fans on Reddit have expressed happiness about their favorite YouTuber being in a happy relationship, even though there’s not much information available about the wife of SomeOrdinaryGamers.

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Does Someordinarygamers Have Kids? Family Detail

SomeOrdinaryGamers, whose real name is Mutahar Anas, is a well-known YouTuber based in Toronto, Canada. He was born into an Indian family and moved to Toronto during his childhood.

Moreover, his roots go back to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, giving us a glimpse into his cultural background.

Additionally, he has a brother, and while we know that, we don’t have information about his parents or their names.

Additionally, Mutahar’s father is a doctor. He holds Canadian nationality and belongs to the Asian ethnicity.

SomeOrdinaryGamers in red shirt speaking in mic
Details about the SomeOrdinaryGamers parents and family currently remain private (Source: YouTube)

Mutahar is quite private about his personal life. Moreover, little is known about his family or lifestyle for a reason.

Similarly, there’s no confirmed information about him having any children. Despite fans eagerly waiting to see him become a father, he hasn’t provided any details or confirmation about having kids.

Despite claims on Reddit about Mutahar having a son named Jeffrey, the YouTuber himself has not confirmed any of this information.

Mutahar’s private nature keeps many aspects of his personal life away from the public eye.

Because SomeOrdinaryGamers, keeps his personal life very private, people tend to speculate and create many rumors about him.

Similarly, his secretive nature leads to much guesswork and assumptions, fueling various speculations about his life.

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