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Sonja Moen Obituary And Death Cause: Spencer Moen Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder

This article revolves around Sonja Moen obituary and death cause. Sonja Moen’s death has apparently shocked and devastated everyone, and people are curious to know more about it.

After Sonja was discovered deceased at a residence in the 1100 block of Eaglewood Avenue West, a guy from West Fargo was taken into custody.

The woman was discovered dead at the home where police were called to a medical emergency on Thursday, August 10, at 7:38 am, according to a press release from the West Fargo Police Department.

According to the announcement, police detained Spencer Jay Moen, 31, of West Fargo, on suspicion of homicide based on the preliminary investigation and evidence discovered at the scene. 

The Cass County Jail is where Moen is being detained. Police from West Fargo are looking into a woman’s death that occurred in the 1100 block of Eaglewood Avenue West.

Let’s get deep and learn more about Sonja Moen obituary and death cause.

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Sonja Moen Obituary And Death Cause

The sad occurrence on Thursday has been linked to Sonja Moen, a West Fargo, North Dakota, resident. Sonja Moen obituary details are yet to be revealed by her family.

Sonja Moen, who was 31 years old, was reportedly killed by a man from West Fargo, North Dakota, who was 31 years old. The incident occurred on August 10, 2023, at around 7:38 am.

Sonja Moen Obituary
Sonja Moen obituary details are yet to be revealed. (Source: Inforum)

The 1100 block of Eaglewood Avenue West received a medical emergency, and the West Fargo Police Department responded. Sonja was discovered dead inside the house by responding officers. 

Spencer Moen, a 31-year-old man from West Fargo, North Dakota, was arrested on suspicion of murder following their first investigation and the gathering of evidence at the location.

According to law enforcement officials, Spencer became combative when they arrived at the house.

Spencer Moen Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder

According to court documents, a woman who was at the house attempted to explain the matter to the police, but Moen repeatedly intervened, forcing them to speak with her in the garage. 

The woman told the police that Moen and another man had been drinking during the Vikings game earlier in the day and had returned home very drunkenly.

The woman informed police that she had overheard a disagreement between the two men in the garage and had gone to investigate when she saw Spencer standing over the other man with his arm encircling his neck in a chokehold.

Then she made a 911 call. During his discussion with the police, Spencer denied any allegations of violence, saying that their actions were only “playful wrestling around.” 

Sonja Moen Obituary
Spencer has been taken into custody on suspicion of murder. (Source: Inforum)

The second man, however, had facial injuries, including a bloodshot eye, which the police officers saw. 

Although he had no memory of being choked, the man told the investigators that Moen had pushed and mounted him on the ground. On the man’s neck, red markings indicating pressure could be seen.

On suspicion of serious domestic assault, Moen was arrested. No further remarks can be made at this time because the murder case is still actively being investigated. 

The Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office has been tasked with handling this case. 

Moen has previously been accused of committing violent crimes. After the prosecution said he beat and strangled his father, he was charged in December 2019 with aggravated assault.

The West Fargo Police Department also looked into that incident. In the end, the case was dropped in 2020.

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