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Sparkle Soojian Death News, Real Or Hoax – Where Is She Now?

Sparkle Soojian is an actress and writer who has gained a large social media following thanks to her successful career in the entertainment industry.

She has been involved in acting and writing for a long time. Also, she started her acting journey at 16, playing a small role in an obscure music video.

Her first article was actually about this experience. By the time she was 20, she had written several articles and had also gained experience as an actor both on stage and on screen, mostly in minor roles.

Also, Soojian runs a YouTube channel where she currently boasts 3.05K subscribers, with a collection of 273 videos garnering a total of 62,542 views.

She initiated her channel journey on January 30, 2019, steadily growing her audience and content library since then.

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Sparkle Soojian Death News: Real Or Hoax

Soojian has garnered recognition for her accomplishments both in acting and as a proficient writer.

Her contributions to both fields have earned her a notable reputation for talent and success.

It seems there are unverified rumours circulating online about the death of Sparkle Soojian, an actress and writer. 

Nevertheless, there are no credible sources that have officially confirmed whether Ms. Soojian has died.

Online speculation and rumours often spread rapidly, even without substantiation from reputable sources.

Sparkle Soojian death
Sparkle Soojian has tons of followers (Source: Instagram)

It’s quite possible this is simply an unfounded claim made to provoke attention and reactions, not an actual news event.

Given Soojian’s level of fame and her many fans, a premature or false announcement of her death would undoubtedly receive significant notice across social and traditional media.

But until more credible outlets can verify what’s happened, everyone should avoid sharing or reacting to what may just be harmful misinformation or even a hoax.

Currently, neither Soojian nor her representatives have issued an official statement.

Responsible reporting and consumption of information, especially on sensitive topics like someone’s passing, requires confirmation and caution even in our fast-paced online world. 

Sparkle Soojian: Where Is She Now?

Sparkes was the partner of John King-Smith when he died in 2015.

In 2017, Sparkes pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in his death, meaning she did not intend to kill him.

Her boyfriend Jared at the time pleaded guilty to the more serious charge of voluntary manslaughter, suggesting he played a bigger role in King-Smith’s death.

A third woman named Courtney was initially charged as an accessory, but that charge was dropped, so she served no jail time.

Sparkes was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and Jared got 2 years. So while Sparkes unintentionally contributed to King-Smith’s death, Jared likely bore more responsibility.

Sparkle Soojian death
Sparkle received a three-year jail sentence (Source: Instagram)

After serving her full sentence, Sparkes has moved on with her celebrity career as an actress, model, writer, and talk show host.

Even though she was involved in this death, she served her punishment and rebuilt her public profile.

The specific details of what happened are only fully known by those directly involved.

But Sparkes and Jared clearly bore enough responsibility to get convictions, even if we don’t have all the facts.

In any case, Sparkes has served her time and sentence and has been able to continue her high-profile career in entertainment.

Sparkle is currently maintaining a prominent presence in the public eye, engaging in various roles such as acting, modelling, personal training, writing, and hosting a talk show.

Her multi-faceted career reflects her versatility and ambition in the entertainment industry.

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