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What Is SSSniperwolf Sister, Woffee Twitter Scandal? Explained

Like her sister, Ranya, aka ‘Woffee,’ is pursuing her career as a Twitch streamer and a YouTuber. She is now in the news for an online controversy, so let us break down the whole SSSniperwolf Sister Twitter scandal for you.

Ranya Lasagna is the sister of the famous YouTuber and Twitch star SSSniperwolf.

She was born in the year 2000 on the 6th of November and is currently 21 years old.

Ranya has over 80k subscribers on YouTube and more than 177k followers on Instagram.

Her famous sister, SSSniperwolf, has many controversies time and again.

Now, Ranya has also gotten herself into a scandal by sharing tweets with some people who were having beef with her sister.

Unraveling the SSSniperwolf Sister Twitter Scandal: A Closer Look At The Beef

The Twitter scandal is very complex to understand in the first go, but let’s break it down to make it simple.

Ranya, whose Twitter handle is @w0ffee, has caught the eye of many with her shady replies defending her sister SSSniperwolf.

Ranya is a strong little sister defending her older one, but is she right? (Source: Instagram)

Taking the side of her sis,ter Ranya was replying to some tweets with a very unapologetic and confrontational tone.

People were not taking her replies well, and those who were fighting with her sister SSSniperwolf on Twitter began attacking her.

One user, @DankusDongers, made a sarcastic tweet stating that they would have ‘shot’ someone, referring to SSSniperwolf and Ranya.

To which Ranya replies with a question about why a grown-up man would make such a comment and want to hurt someone who is significantly smaller than them.

And to give more insight into where the scandal or beef actually began, it was after an online discussion.

The discussion was between SSSniperwolf and another famous YouTuber ‘Jacksfilms.’

Snipperwolf sister ranya
Snipperwolf sister Ranya resembles her famous sister a lot, especially in her Instagram picture. (Source: Instagram)

The dispute began after SSSniperwolf made a post on her Instagram revealing Jacksfilm’s home.

After that, John, famously known as Jacksilms, went to Twitter to express his frustration, accusing SSSniperwolf of ‘doxxing.’

This, however, is not the first time SSSniperwolf and Jacksfilms have gotten into a feud.

Some years ago, Jacksfilms made a video on SSSniperwolf about stealing content from other creators.

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Twitter Scandal Escalates: Controversial Response Of Ranya Sparks Outrage

The ‘doxxing’ part of the argument got even more attention after a user, @MandiieeTS13, made a tweet.

The tweet was about Ranya’s stance on the whole situation and how inconsistent Ranya has been about the whole doxxing situation.

The user made a point saying that Ranya has lost her plot.

Instead of trying to defend her sister, SSSniperwolf, on Twitter, which is obviously wrong, the user says Ranya should correct her.

SSSniperwolf Sister Twitter
The whole drama seems neverending and getting bigger and bigger. (Source: Instagram)

The tweeter users are now referring to this whole Twitter scandal situation as getting out of hand and even turning criminal.

Revelation of other people’s private property on such a big platform with so many followers watching is unsafe.

In addition, instead of trying to calm down the drama, Ranya goes on to escalate it even more.

She shares that there are more videos related to the whole situation on Twitch videos on demand (VODs).

Adding fuel to the fire, SSSniperwolf’s private and explicit videos go viral on various social media platforms.

Ranya made a post on Twitter stating that those videos of her sister, SSSniperwolf, are AI-generated.

Someone might have made it to get SSSniperwolf into an even bigger controversy.

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