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Stacy Wakefield Obituary: Kids On Parents Tim And Stacy Death

Just five months after the death of her husband, Tim Wakefield, the world grieves the loss of Stacy Wakefield, prompting people to express their heartwarming comments on her obituary.

Stacy Wakefield was well-recognized as the wife of Boston Red Sox baseball player Tim Wakefield.

Throughout his career, Stacy was his strongest support system, who helped him find a purpose.

Further, Tim, the longest-serving player on the team, retired at age 45 after nineteen seasons in the MLB.

The player has an extraordinary career, which his demise from brain cancer has shadowed.

Moreover, his fans grieved the loss of such talent from the sports while sending support to his wife.

However, Stacy suffered from a terminal illness, and news of her death arose five months after her partner’s death.

Now, in the obituary of Stacy Wakefield, people voice their fondest memories and messages for the celebrity spouse.

Stacy Wakefield Obituary: A Supportive Wife And Mother

Despite her untimely demise, her obituary proves that Stacy Wakefield was significant in people’s lives.

Throughout her life, Stacy maintained a private lifestyle, with much focus on her work and personal affairs.

Looking back at her saddening death news, Stacy Wakefield died at the age of 53 from pancreatic cancer.

Stacy Wakefield and Tim
The news of Stacy’s demise came on February 28, 2024. (Source: Twitter)

Further, the obituary mentioned that Stacy Wakefield battled with the disease for several years.

She was surrounded by her family and friends as she took her last breath at her home in Massachusetts.

Moreover, Stacy’s family thanked the caretakers and nurses who stayed by their side through the challenging period.

Previously, she married Tim in 2002 and later welcomed their two children, Trevor and Briana, into the world.

Additionally, Stacy supported the baseball player’s career as she was spotted during his games.

Apart from the professional field, she shared a love for philanthropy like her husband and donated to several charities.

Stacy Wakefield during Red Sox game
Stacy maintained privacy about her health condition. (Source: Twitter)

As a kind and thoughtful person, Stacy was a significant member of the local donation groups.

Shortly after her death, the community members extended their condolences in a public statement.

While the Wakefield family tackles the unimaginable loss, the obituary for Stacy will remain as evidence of her admirable life.

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Kids On Parents Tim And Stacy Wakefield Death: Psychiatrists Offer Help

The news of Stacy’s death came as a shock for many as they were still grieving the loss of her husband.

Further, health officials couldn’t account for the deadly seizure that Tim suffered from.

Stacy Wakefield with her family
The Wakefield children receive support from baseball fans. (Source: Twitter)

Along with that, the player hadn’t revealed his condition before his death, but his ex-teammate leaked the information.

Such actions stirred controversy because Tim or his family hadn’t authorized the release.

Nevertheless, after Stacy’s death, their children, Trevor and Briana, both in their 20s, survive the family.

As young adults, the loss of their parents has been unimaginable for the Wakefield children.

In the wake of their demise, local psychiatrist extend their thoughts and prayers to the family.

Moreover, they offered a helping hand to the children as the loss must be physically and emotionally draining.

Stacy with her son and daughter
People expressed their sadness over the demise of the Wakefield couple. (Source: Twitter)

The health officials noted that the grieving process is different for everyone, and people need to validate their emotions.

Along with the psychiatrists, the Red Sox have showcased their presence during the tragic loss.

Despite the demise of Tim and Stacy, their children will carry on their legacy with notable contributions to society.

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