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Steffiana De La Cruz Wikipedia, Age: Bio of Kevin James Wife

Steffiana De La Cruz Wikipedia has been in the eyes of many netizens as she is making huge waves in her acting and modeling career. Let’s learn more about her.

Steffiana de la Cruz, born Stephanie Anna Marie Zantua, is a Filipino-American actress and model who began her entertainment career in the 1990s.

After an early career in modeling, she landed an impressive face in mini-games that began with the 1997 German crime series Die Gang.

This success has paved the way for other opportunities, including a supporting role in the popular 90s drama Pacific Blue.

Further, she was a supporting part in the 2000 Philippine musical TV movie Something to Sing About.

Her ascent to the screen continued the following year with the action-comedy Soulkeeper.

From an early age, Steffiana set out to dabble in front of the cameras, dedicating herself to pursuing ambitions beyond her ancestral homeland in Southeast Asia.

Opportunities surfaced through agents in Germany, after which she made her mark in Hollywood.

With minor honors in high-profile films, her diligence in learning the art of film and her attractive physique made her more visible to the industry.

This recognition led to a steady stream of significant film projects at the turn of the millennium.

Consequently, people are seeking more interest in Steffiana De La Cruz and are actively searching for her Wikipedia.

Steffiana De La Cruz Wikipedia, Age: Bio of Kevin James Wife

The Wikipedia page of Steffiana De La Cruz is still not available on the internet. However, this article contains all the information regarding her personal life. 

Actress Steffiana de la Cruz was born in the Philippines on August 28, 1974, and is 49 years old as of January 2024.

She began doing minor roles in the 1990s before meeting comedian Kevin James in the early 2000s.

Eventually, the two would marry, and Steffiana would appear on CBS in her husband’s current breakout sitcom, The King of Queens.

James helmed in later comedy film work, including Paul Blart: Mall Cop and its sequel Zookeeper.

Steffiana De La Cruz Wikipedia
Kevin James’s beautiful wife, Steffiana de la Cruz, worked in various movies as a side role. (Source: Twitter)

Before her romance with James, de la Cruz dated the late actor Chris Penn in the early 2000s.

From her beginnings as a model to the actress Steffiana de la Cruz has enjoyed a prolific acting career for a long time.

And while comedian Kevin James is set to appear in the story, Steffiana has contributed behind the scenes with her personal and professional work.

During their years together, she played a role in her meteoric rise from network TV dominance to big-screen leading man.

This sparked people’s curiosity, and they wanted to search for the Wikipedia page of Steffiana De La Cruz.

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Bio of Kevin James’ Wife And Their Relationship

Steffiana De La Cruz rose to public prominence through her relationship with well-known actor Kevin James.

Subsequently, this led to marking the beginning of their shared journey in 2001.

The couple’s introduction occurred through a blind date, and their connection deepened, leading to an engagement in 2003.

They solidified their commitment on June 19, 2004, with a wedding ceremony at St Edward Catholic Church in Dana Point.

Steffiana De La Cruz with her husband Kevin James.
James met actress Steffiana de la Cruz on a blind date, and they were married on June 19, 2004. (Source: Twitter)

Their union has had four children: Sienna-Marie, Shea, Kannon, and Sistine.

Sienna-Marie, born on September 30, 2005, ventured into the acting world alongside her father in the 2015 film Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

As a result, this showcased a familial involvement in the entertainment industry.

Despite Kevin James and Steffiana De La Cruz’s notable careers, they have kept their personal lives private.

Moreover, they maintained a delicate balance between their professional endeavors and family life.

However, this piqued people’s interest in Steffiana De La Cruz, and they actively searched for her Wikipedia page.

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