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Stella Berry Death: 16 Years Girl Killed By Shark Swan River- Meet Her Parents Sophie And Matt

Stella Berry, a 16-year-old girl, has been identified as the victim of a shark bite in Perth’s Swan River.

After a 16-year-old girl was killed in Perth’s Swan River attack, marine experts warned that more sharks would be swimming in estuaries at this time of year.

Don Punch, the fisheries minister, stated on Sunday that it was still too early to determine what kind of shark was responsible for the attack but that it was probably a bull shark.

He told the ABC that it’s possible because they are aware that bull sharks, in particular, do occasionally enter estuaries and freshwater river systems.

Since the last attack in 1923, he claimed that this was the first fatal shark attack in the Swan River in a century. He continued by saying that this would make seven historical attacks in the river, up from the six known to have occurred.

Stella Berry Death: 16 Years Girl Killed By Shark Swan River

Stella Berry, the girl, was pulled from the water on a Saturday afternoon with critical injuries that were thought to be to her legs. Despite the best efforts of the paramedics, Berry passed away at the scene.

Alec O’Connell, the headmaster of Perth’s Scotch College, informed the school community of the death in a letter that Guardian Australia obtained.

Stella Berry, the daughter of Sophie Berry, one of their cherished employees, was the young lady whose life was tragically lost at North Fremantle, he wrote with great regret and sadness.

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Additionally, O’Connell confirmed that several male students at the school who were Stella’s friends were present when the tragedy occurred and served as the first callers in that situation.

Meet Stella Berry Parents Sophie And Matt 

The grieving parents of Stella Berry, Sophie, and Matt Berry paid tribute to their lovely daughter.

According to WAtoday, Stella’s parents, Matt and Sophie Berry were lecturers at various Perth schools. Mae, Berry’s sister, is also a student there. In a statement and three pictures of their “vibrant and happy girl,” the 16-year-parents, old’s Sophie and Matt Berry, broke their silence on Sunday night.

Family are grieving the death of a girl in the Swan River. (Source: 7news.com.au)

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According to the statement, the loss of their lovely daughter Stella left them devastated and shocked. They wanted to express gratitude for the outstanding support they received from their loved ones, friends, the government, and the WA community.

When Was Stella Berry Rescued?

Before 3:45 pm on Saturday, Stella was rescued from the water close to the Fremantle traffic bridge in North Fremantle.

Police have been scouring the river looking for the animal responsible. (Source: 7news.com.au)

She was believed to have suffered critical injuries to her legs, according to the Police, and despite paramedics’ best efforts, they could not save her. On Saturday afternoon, at the scene of the unimaginable tragedy, family and friends were shocked.

According to Morgan, Berry’s family gave the school permission to inform them of their daughter’s passing.

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Police are currently on the scene, trying to decipher exactly what happened. Authorities were informed that a man risked his own life by diving into the water to save the girl and pull her to shore.

Police boats were also deployed to search the river for the animal they believed to be a bull shark.


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