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Steve Hutchinson Death And Obituary: De La Salle School Teacher Died Of Heart Attack

Steve Hutchinson death has disheartened and shocked many people since he was a dedicated teacher who was involved in a respected profession.

Steve Hutchinson was a humble and down-to-earth teacher who spent many years working for the welfare of other people and teaching them good deeds.

He was a teacher at the De La Salle School in Basildon, and he passed away on March 6, 2023, due to a heart attack shortly before the school gates opened for the students.

Hutchinson collapsed and died on the premises after suffering a heart attack.

Since Steve was involved in a very respected profession, his death is definitely a big loss to the entire community as teaching is a valuable profession for many reasons.

He had a significant influence on his students’ lives and helped to mold the minds and personalities of the future generation by imparting knowledge, values, and skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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Steve Hutchinson Death: De La Salle School Teacher Died Of Heart Attack

A secondary school closed after a long-serving dedicated staff member reportedly fell and died of a heart attack on the school premises.

De La Salle Secondary School in Basildon was closed on March 6, 2023 morning after an ”unexpected incident’ in the school area.

Steve Hutchinson is said to have suffered a heart attack right before the school gate was opened for all the students and workers.

Moreover, as per MailOnline, the pupils did not get to notice the event.

Steve Hutchinson Death
A picture of Steve Hutchinson’s school and workplace, De La Salle Secondary School in Basildon. (Source: Daily Mail)

After the teacher collapsed on the floor, emergency services were called as soon as possible, and they arrived quickly.

Unfortunately, even after making the best efforts of the emergency services, the hardworking teacher lost his life.

Long-standing emergency protocols developed by the school in collaboration with the local authority were implemented immediately.

Additionally, the school was closed on March 6 and March 7 to most students following talks with the Local Authority, Diocese, and Governing Body.

Moreover, the school premises is set to reopen on March 8, 2023. The headteacher also explained that plans would be made to assist vulnerable students in comprehending the tragic incident.

All students have access to remote learning since the school was shut down as a result of Mr. Hutchinson’s death.

Steve Hutchinson Tributes And Obituaries

After Steve’s death, many of his co-workers and school teachers paid tribute to him.

The school’s headteacher, Paul Norris addressed him as a “well-liked and respected member of the school staff.”

He mentioned, “Unfortunately, a school staff member was taken shockingly ill this morning and later died.”

The headteacher added: “Mr. Steve Hutchinson, a long-time member of the school, will be deeply missed.

I spoke with his family, offered my condolences personally, and conveyed the sorrow and thoughts of the entire school community.”

Steve Hutchinson Death
After Steve Hutchinson’s death De La Salle School has closed for some time. (Source: BBC News)

Furthermore, the official obituary from Steve’s family has not been released, but many reliable outlets have already passed the information. It looks like his family is seeking privacy at this devastating moment.

Who Was Steve Hutchinson?

As mentioned earlier, Steve has a honed and prolific teacher who contributed positively to society by developing future innovators, leaders, and problem-solvers who will play a crucial role in the progress and development of society.

During his lifetime, his profession allowed him to make a meaningful impact on society.

Apart from that, not much has been disclosed regarding Steve’s personal life and family members.

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