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Steve Lookner Wikipedia Age: How Old Is The News Anchor? Twitter

Steve Lookner is a famous news anchor and a big name in the comedy world. And now netizens are looking for Steve Lookner Wikipedia to know more about the celebrity journalist.

Steve was born in the year 1971, April 14, in the city of Massachusetts, USA.

Netizens love his humorous and funny personality and outspoken take on various events and incidents.

One very interesting fact about Steve that many of his new fans do not know is that he was one of the writers of the hit comedy show Seinfeld.

His growing popularity, especially on Twitter, has led many netizens to get more curious about Steve Lookner Wikipedia.

Steve Lookner Wikipedia: Age And Early Career

So, let us start from the beginning. We all know Seinfeld, the show that took America by storm with its unique and funny storyline.

Steve Lookner was part of the show, and he was the writer for many of its episodes.

Steve Lookner
Steve Lookner has changed the scene of news reporting through his Agenda Free TV. (Source: Twitter)

The show Seinfield ran from 1989 July 5 to 1998 May 14 and revolved around the main character Seinfield.

At the age of 51, Steve has gained a huge fanbase, and they are amazed when they discover Steve’s connection with Seinfeld.

His career in writing began as a proofreader for The Harvard Lampoon.

Steve has a very impressive history of working at famous shows like Saturday Night Live and MAD TV as a writer.

Many know that Steve isn’t just some silly comedian but highly intellectual, which is very true.

Steve Lookner insta
The Wikipedia of Steve Lookner is so interesting and extraordinary. (Source: Instagram)

He is a graduate of the Prestigious Harvard University, where he holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts.

Steve later went on to get his master’s degrees in Philosophy from Tufts University and the Univerity of California.

However, comedy is not the only thing Steve is good at, he is also a famous news anchor.

He is the news anchor and a reporter for Agenda Free TV, and the impressive part is he is also the creator of Agenda Free TV itself.

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Steve Lookner’s Agenda Free TV: Breaking Barriers in News Reporting

Steve Lookner created Agenda Free TV in 2018 and has an amazing motive behind creating it.

He wanted to create a channel to report on the news without bias toward any organization or political party.

The audience love his way of reporting on various news and events with his straightforward and unbiased methods.

Netizens on Twitter tag him on the news they want a proper and clear report on.

This is the main reason why Steve Lookner has a huge following of more than 100k on his Twitter.

Steve Lookner wikipedia
Steve Lookner is a completely different person on his Instagram and on his Twitter. (Source: Instagram)

He is not that active on Instagram but has an account where he sometimes makes silly posts.

On Twitter, he is extremely active and daily makes interactions with his fans.

However, Steve’s journey to fame was not always an easy one, and he had his ups and downs.

He once struggled to make a mark as a parody writer, but it did not work out for him for some reason.

Steve then made a decision to start his own YouTube channel where he would post anything he wanted.

He now had a platform to directly reach out and connect with his audiences.

That was the turning point for his career as a comedian and a news reporter. Fans loved his funny rants and his humorous content.

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