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Great Chocolate Showdown: Who Is Steven Hodge Wife Lara Hodge? Kids And Family

Who Is Greate Chocolate Showdown co-host Steven Hodge wife, Lara Hodge? The renowned Canadian TV personality loves to spend quality time with his kids and family.

Steven Hodge is a well-known chocolatier and pâtissier from Canada. He has gained enormous fame and name thanks to his several television appearances.

He has appeared in several television shows, including Great Chocolate Showdown, Project Bakeover, Wall of Bakers, and Global News Morning Weekend BC.

In addition to being a famous chocolatier and patissier, Hodge is also a family man. Steven is a loving husband to his wife and a doting father to his kids.

But who is the renowned chocolatier’s spouse? Let’s find out what her profession is while also exploring their love storWho Is Steven Hodge’s Wife Lara Hodge?

Steven Hodge’s wife, Lara Hodge, is a model by profession. Mrs. Hodge has represented Lizbell Agency.

Being a model is an exhilarating and demanding profession that requires dedication and hard work.

A model’s life revolves around the runway, photoshoots, and the ever-changing world of fashion.

Striking the post-fashion world, they showcase top designers’ latest designs, becoming the living canvas for their creations.

Steven Hodge Wife
Canadian Chocolatier Steven Hodge’s wife, Lara, is a professional model. (Image Source: Lizbell Agency)

It’s not just about physical beauty; models must exude charisma and bring life to their garments.

Behind the glamorous facade are long hours of preparation, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and constant self-improvement.

Models often travel the globe, immersing themselves in diverse cultures and experiences.

As they grace magazine covers and billboards, they inspire others with their uniqueness and make an impact on the world of impact.

Yet, they face challenges, too, such as the pressure to maintain an ideal image and the competitiveness of the industry’s competitiveness, an opportunity to express artistry and be part of a dynamic world that celebrates creativity and self-expression.

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Steven Hodge And Lara Hodge First Met In California

Lara Hodge and Steven Hodge have been married for several years. The couple reportedly crossed paths in California in the early 2000s.

At the time, the chocolatier was attending the California School of Culinary Arts. The instantly smitten pair fell in love and dated for a while before tying the knot.

Lara relocated with her husband to London, England, for three years.

During their tie in London, Steven served in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, like Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road, Le Caprice, and The Wolseley.

In 2013, the married duo returned to Vancouver in 2008 and opened Temper Chocolate & Pastry.

Nonetheless, the Hodge couple have been together for several years and lead a happy family. The lovely duo occasionally appears on one another’s social media feeds.

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Lara Hodge And Steven Hodge Children

In their journey of love and togetherness, the married duo has two beautiful daughters and an adorable son, Charlie and Levi.

Steven named one of his dishes after his eldest kid, Charlie. It is a cinnamon pastry with layers of flaky goodness. The Hodge pair’s children are the source of happiness and joy.

Steven Hodge Wife
Steven Hodge is holding his son, Levi. (Image Source: Fleur De Lis Events)

As the kids grew, so did the joy they brought into their parents’ lives.

Through the ups and downs of life, the girls must have been a constant source of strength and motivation for the couple.

The Hodge siblings are growing up away from the spotlight. As a result, there is limited information about them. Regardless, they must be having a wonderful time.

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