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Pennsylvania Mummy Stoneman Willie Wikipedia, Real Name And Family

The Pennsylvania mummy Stoneman Willie is finally put into his resting place. The information about his real name and family was a big mystery. There is no Stoneman Willie Wikipedia, but don’t worry, we’ve got all the details.

Stoneman Willie is a mummy that was preserved by the Pennsylvania funeral home for nearly 130 years.

The mummy is of a prisoner of the Old Berks County Prison.

He was in prison for a petty crime and later met his fate there due to natural causes.

Ever since then, he has been in the city and has been a part of the local’s lives.

With the burial news all over the internet, netizens were looking for Stoneman Willie Wikipedia page, which is yet to be made.

Stoneman Willie Wikipedia: A Tale of Preservation & Empathy

The story of Stoneman Willie begins at the Theo C. Auman funeral home.

The owner of the funeral home decided to preserve the body of the dead prisoner.

Auman was a very empathetic person, and he wanted the prisoner’s family to be able to claim the body of their loved one.

Stoneman Willie Wikipedia
Stoneman Willie really is such a fascinating part of the history.

What began as a small act of kindness later went on to be a very important part of the history of Pennsylvania City.

The preservation of the mummy Stoneman Willie is so remarkable.

To this day, his teeth, hair, and even some parts of his muscles have been intact since 1875.

During all these years, one topic under discussion was the final resting place of Stoneman Willie.

The funeral home all these years had multiple attempts to give him a proper burial.

But finally, on the day October 7th, 2023, Stneman Willie got a proper send-off by the locals and the funeral home.

He was put into a nice tuxedo, which people during his era wore.

Stoneman Willie Funeral
Such a well-deserving send-off for the 130-year-old mummy.

It was a nice way for locals to pay respect to the history connected with Stoneman Willie and his era.

This event really marks the end of an era, especially for the locals. They have known Stoneman Willie for all their life.

As heartwarming and beautiful as the story of the mummy is, his preservation is still a big mystery.

Especially because the technology in the era was not as advanced as the modern day.

130-Year-Old Mummy Stoneman Willie: Finally A Beautiful Send-Off

Even after 130 years, Stoneman Willie was so intact, his body resembling a statue with his skin hard as wood.

The embalming process has become part of the Pennsylvania city legacy.

The process resembles the techniques famous in the Civil War era. They used elements such as formalin, cyanide, and arsenic.

Stoneman Willie Send off
Stoneman Willie will forever remain an important part of Pennsylvania City. (Source: Youtube)

Not only his preservation, the identity of Stoneman Willie was also a big mystery.

But with time and proper investigation, it was first found out that he was of Irish descent.

It was extremely hard to find out who he was, and it took a lot of research and diving into history to finally find out his true identity.

During his arrest, he went by the name James Penn.

Later, as the investigation went deep, it was a false name to protect his family’s reputation.

Especially for his brother and sister, whom he was responsible for.

Fortunately, his real name was known. The beloved mummy Stoneman Willie’s real name was ‘James Murphy.’

For years, Stoneman Willie has been part of stories that the locals would tell their kids and grow up listening to.

The burial of the mummy really is a beautiful end of an era.

The final resting place of Stoneman Willie is at the Forest Hills Memorial Park cemetery.

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