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Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping Case: What Happened To Her- Family And ethnicity

Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping case has been most searched TikTok recently. Get to learn about the issue via this article.

Stunna Girl is a rapper from Sacramento; most of the time, she is viral on Tiktok, sometimes for her song and sometimes for the case she has been involved in. 

Stunna girl’s real name is Suzanne, and she is 24 years old; she is well-known as a media influencer and rapper. People know her for her song, Runway, which was on trend in 2019. 

Suzanne has 316K followers on her Instagram account, and she is often active on Instagram than any other social media. 

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Read further to learn about the trending topic of Suzanne on different social media platforms. 

Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping Case: What Happened To Her?

The Stunna Girl dog cage kidnapping case has been very unclear on the Internet. People have complained about Suzanna kidnapping a girl and putting her in a dog cage. 

People have made certain content about the dog cage situation, but it needs to be clarified as it was not explained publicly by her. 

It has been mentioned that Suzanna sent a little girl to a cage and gave her a punishment. It was unclear if she knew the girl or if she kidnapped her.

No well-known online portal or source has mentioned the case; it was only getting viral on the Internet. 

A tiktok post about the Stunna Girl cage case by a random Tiktok account.
A TikTok post about the Stunna Girl cage case by a random Tiktok account. (Image Source: TikTok)

No one or no source has gained clear information about the cage situation of the rapper. Talking about the case, she fought with her friend during an Instagram live when her friend asked about the cage case going viral on TikTok. 

Not only in TikTok live, but she has also been involved in Baddie on Zeus show, where she fights about the cage case with one of the contestants. 

The clip about the fight has been going on since the episode was released on the Internet. After learning about the case, many people have been passing negative comments to the rapper. 

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Stunna Girl Family And Ethnicity Details 

Suzanna was born into a middle-class family and has worked since her teenage years to support her family. Her family condition was not good since a young age. 

But she didn’t let that affect her, and she purses her career choice and is now well-known as a rapper. 

The rapper belongs to mixed ethnicity, English, Scottish, German, Irish, French, American, and Welsh ancestry. But she holds American nationality. 

Stunna Girl official Lyrics & Meaning of Runway.
Stunna Girl official Lyrics & Meaning of Runway. (Image Source: Youtube)

When she was 12, her mother went to prison for two years. She has not mentioned the reason behind it in public. And has not officially disclosed the real name and information about her mother.

Also, her Father was very supportive of her career choice, and she has often mentioned that without her Father, she is nothing. But, she has yet to mention her Father professionally. 

Moving on to her siblings, she is the single child of her parents, and she might have step-siblings, which she has not shared in public. 

Not only her family information, but she has also been able to keep her personal information away from the eyes of the media. 

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Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping Case Update

We wrote about the Stunna Girl dog cage kidnapping case some time ago. Simply, the rapper was rumored to be a part of a kidnapping case and was allegedly accused of keeping her victim in a dog cage. 

At that time, in-depth details were still behind the curtain. However, many things, in this case, have been unveiled.

Stunna Girl
Stunna Girl and Cuban Doll kidnap Rocky Baddy. Photo Source: Black Sports Online

After some research, many outlets, including Fresher Live, shed light on this topic. As per those sites, the victim of the Stunna Girl dog cage kidnapping was none other than Rocky Badd, a rapper from Detroit. 

According to reliable sources, Stunna Girl, alongside Cuban Doll, another fellow rapper, took action into their hand.

If you are a Cuban Doll or Rocky Badd fan, then you already know that the heat is real. The two never had good times together; there was always drama between them. 

Thus, their bad relationship made Cuban Doll take some illegal measures, and Stunna Girl supported her. Following their alliance, the two artist pin down Rocky Badd. They also got assistance from their friends.

After Cuban Doll and Stunna Girl got Rocky Badd in confinement, they abused her and subsequently threw her into a dog’s cage. 

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Stunna Girl Detention: Why Did She Go To Jail

Along with her kidnapping case, some sources claim Stunna Girl previously went to jail for her misbehavior.  

Specifically speaking, some tabloids note that she was sentenced to prison for theft, fraud, and money laundering.

Although there are reports claiming she was imprisoned previously, she is enjoying her life to the fullest as of now. One can easily see that as soon as she/he visits her Instagram page. 

Besides Instagram, the hip-hop personality is also active on YouTube. On her channel, she has garnered around 79.3K subscribers. She last uploaded her new song, “Stunna Girl – Stuntin,” three months ago.

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