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Ponnazhakan Subramanian, Father Of Mckinney 9 Year Old Killed His Son, Wife And Family

Ponnazhakan Subramanian has been charged with stabbing to the death of his son on Friday.

The news about killing his son and the murderer has been in the hospital since Friday for self-inflicted wounds.

People are passing prayers to the boy’s family; the kid was just nine years old. Many of them still do not believe that their Father did it.

Mckinney Police has been doing interviews in the community who has known the family. The investigation is going on; hopefully, more news will be published soon.

The news has taken public attention in a very different way, and people are curious to learn about the case in detail. 

Read further; this article will help you learn about the case of Mckinney. 

Ponnazhakan Subramanian, Father Of Mckinney 9 Year Old Killed His Son

Pannazhakan Subramanian has been charged with the capital murder of a boy under the age of 10, who was his son and is being held on a bond of $1 million.

The 38-year-old Father will probably face lifetime prison on the death penalty, and the clear charges have not been out because he has been hospitalized since the incident happened.

It happened Friday afternoon in a neighborhood near Custer Road. Someone called Police at about 4 pm and said his mother found him unconscious and bleeding on the floor.

Father accused of killing 9-year-old son in McKinney identified.
Father accused of killing 9-year-old son in McKinney identified. (Source: FOX 7 Austin)

Along with the son, the Police mentioned that Subramanian was hurting himself with a knife and was under the blood.

The Father was taken to the hospital because he was not in the condition to be arrested; he has been in custody.

When the McKinney Police revealed the news in public, they said, “We continue to keep the child’s mother and their entire family in our thoughts and prayers during this unspeakably difficult time,” 

None of them has been processing the case they had in their neighbor. What leads the Father to attempt that crime?

The neighbor has been passing their thoughts to the public, as the investigation is still going on; the charges will be released as soon as Subramanian can be in custody.

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Ponnazhakan Subramanian Wife And Family

The identity of Subramanian’s wife and the son he killed has not been out yet. People are curious to learn more about his family.

But his wife was the first one to find them in the condition; she couldn’t control her tears and couldn’t process what she saw thoroughly.

No mother can watch their child being murdered by his own Father, the wife of Subramanian was in shock.

Prayers has been going on for 9 year old boy from Mckinney killed on Friday.
Prayers have been going on for a 9-year boy from Mckinney who was killed on Friday. (Source: FOX 7 Austin)

She couldn’t believe that she was living with a murderer. She has not still been able to process what has been going on or what happened to her son.

One of their neighbors, Yen, mentioned that Yen also has a 9-year-old son who goes to the same school the victim did, Jim and Betty Hughes Elementary, which is part of Prosper IS.

But, they had a loving community; everyone was there for his wife, and community members said they wanted the boy’s mother to know she still had everyone by her side.

“We look out for each other, especially in the dark times,” neighbor Suroma Sinha said.

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