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What Is Sukuna JJK True Form? Demonic Curse God That Could Penetrate Gojo

Ryomen Sukuna, the evil and selfish demonic character in the manga Jujutsu Kaisen, brings chills with his evil ways. His appearance is still a big mystery. What is Sukuna JJK True Form?

Jujutsu Kaisen, a manga series, is famous for its amazing story and characters.

One very important character from the series is Ryomen Sukuna, the name that the Jujutsu kaisen fans fear.

He has been in the manga since the very beginning of the series, however, fans are still confused about what his true form is.

The True Form of Sukuna: Jujutsu Fans’ Speculations and Wild Theories

Jujutsu fans know everything about Sukuna and his evil powers, but they’re still unaware of what his actual appearance may look like.

For now, all we have is theories and speculations from the Jujutsu fans about Sukuna JJK true form.

Some fans think that Sukuna JJK true form may look like a very scary demon.

Sukuna jjk true form
Sukuna JJK true form is the best-kept secret of the manga series. (Source: YouTube)

As he is someone with a vast knowledge of souls and curses.

It may be possible for him to change himself into someone who looks exactly like his soul, a demon.

Another theory is that Sukuna does not exactly have a true form because he knows how to change looks.

Sukuna JJK might be like the other Jujutsu character, Mahito, who never remains in one true form.

Among all the theories, the wildest one is that Sukuna might have eaten his twin in his mother’s womb.

That made him able to have two sides and very strange looks.

We do have many hints about what Sukuna JJK true form may look like, but it is still a big secret.

A mystery that only the manga writer Gege Akutami can debunk.

Ryomen Sukuna: From Sorcerer to Demonic Curse God That Could Penetrate Gojo

For now, let’s discuss the story of how the journey of Sukuna started.

Thousands of years ago, during the Heian Era, he used to be an imaginary demon.

Sukuna curse demon
Sukuna may have changed his form, but he still remains a demon. (Source: Youtube)

He had immense powers during that era and was very strong. However, Sukuna wasn’t always a demon; in fact, he was a sorcerer.

A person who uses magical power, spells, or other practices to influence or control events. Sukuna was known as the disgraced one when he used to be a sorcerer.

During the golden age of Jujutsu, he was feared by many as he had the powers to create any situation he wanted.

But like every other villain also got defeated, his terror and influence on other people with his fear came to an end.

Even while he was losing, Sukuna left a lasting mark, splitting his unimaginable power into twenty unbreakable fingers.

After doing that, Sukuna left everyone in shock by scattering those fingers far and wide.

Sukuna’s Return: From Ancient Sorcerer to High School Host

It is not uncommon for a supervillain like Sukuna to come back to life after their defeat.

Jumping into 2018 from his sorcerer era, a high school student, Yuji Itadori, accidentally ate one of Sukuna’s cursed fingers.

Yuji unknowingly became the host of the king of curses, Sukuna.

This moment forever changed Yuji’s life, intertwining his fate with Sukuna’s.

Sukuna pink hair
This might be one of the scariest characters the manga world has ever seen. (Source: Youtube)

Whenever Sukuna entered Yuji’s body, Yuji turned into a very unusual-looking person.

His hair turned pink with tattoos on his forehead, nose, cheeks, upper body, and stomach.

The part making it even stronger was the extra pair of eyes beneath his regular ones.

What is even more interesting is that when Sukuna moves his soul to Megumi Fushiguro’s body, he changes again.

This time, he still looked creepy but with dark black hair, tattoos, and the same scary extra pair of eyes.

The outfit also changes from a normal-looking one to a light-colored kimono with a black edge, a black scarf, and black shoes.

Sukuna black hair
Each and every form he takes is scarier. (Source: Youtube)

These looks are the true reflection of what Sukuna is actually like an evil demon who enjoys chaos because of his selfish nature.

He doesn’t feel sorry for what he does and often mocks and insults Yuji, the person he’s possessing.

Sukuna, with his massive amount of energy, knew exactly how to use it to fulfill his desires.

Not only that, Sukuna can grow back lost body parts and even heal others.

He is also proficient in using reverse cursed techniques like Dismantle, Cleave, Spiderweb, and fire stuff.

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