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Is Zhang Yuliang, Sybil Lau Father? Mother Passed Away In 2021

Sybil Lau Father is among people’s search. So, if you are also eager to find out more info about her family background, read this complete article.

Sybil Lau is a Singaporean investor serving as The Delta’s Capital Fellowship Advisory Board Member and partner. Since April 2023, she has been associated with the company.

In addition, Lau also works as a board member and Member of the Finance & Development Committee at SG Enable, where she has served since early 2023.

According to her Linked bio, Lau is also a Dalio Family Office board member. Also she is the Chief Investment Officer of the Chang Family Investments. Before that, she also held multiple roles.

Fact Check: Is Zhang Yuliang Sybil Lau Father?

No, Zhang Yuliang is not the father of Sybil Lau. When Lau’s fiancee Peter Ng Kok Song, introduced her to the media. Following that, people started getting curious about Sybil’s personal life.

As of now, there are no details regarding her personal and family life as she prefers to live a low-key life and has maintained high privacy in her life.

Due to the lack of information, Lau has not said anything about her father too. However, it can be said that she is living a private life with her family.

Sybil Lau Father
Sybil Lau comes from a wealthy family, but her parent’s names are not available in the public domain. (Source: NEWSTARS Education)

It seems like Sybil comes from a wealthy family, as she is currently taking care of her family’s wealth. Moreover, further info about Lau’s father remains unknown, but many speculated that Zhang Yuliang may be her father.

For your information, Zhang is Chairman/President at Greenland Holdings Corp Ltd. Despite all the rumors, both of them have not said anything yet.

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Sybil Lau Mother Passed Away In 2021

Sybil Lau faced a tragic moment in her life when she lost her beloved mother in 2021. During that time, Lau was already attached to Ng, and they were spending more time together. 

When Lau’s mother fell ill, Ng was constantly by Lau’s side, further driving them closer together. After some time, Lau and Ng were planning to get married, but their wedding was postponed.

Sybil Lau family
Sybil Lau’s family faced a tragic moment when her mother died in 2021. (Source: Mothership)

Their marriage was postponed due to the death of Lau’s mom. They decided not to tie the knot during that time to pay respect to her mother.

As of now, Sybil and her partner have not said anything about their wedding plans, but it can be said that the duo may give some updates soon.

A Closer Look At Sybil Lau Family Life

Sybil Lau comes from a wealthy family, and her parents raised her in Singapore. She holds Singaporean nationality. Apart from that, she received great support from them.

As said earlier, Lau has not said anything about her family life in the media. Due to the lack of information, no details about other members remain unknown.

Sybil Lau
Sybil Lau is famous for being the fiancee of Ng Kok Song. (Source: AsiaOne)

In the same way, it can’t be mentioned whether Sybil has siblings or not. Besides that, Sybil came into the spotlight as the fiancee of Peter Ng Kok Song.

Before meeting Lau, Peter was married to his first wife, Patricia Ng, who passed away from cancer in 2005. Together with his first time, Peter welcomed two children, both daughters. 

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