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Is TD Jakes Dead? Death And Funeral News Surfacing

In recent times, the death and funeral news of a prominent American pastor TD Jakes has started to surface on the internet, raising the question globally: of whether he is dead or not.

Thomas Dexter, TD Jakes is a well-recognized, American figure known for influential leadership and teachings in the Christian Community.

He is the senior pastor of the Potter’s House, a well-known megachurch in the United States. 

Further, he is also a prolific author and filmmaker, inspiring people globally with his bestselling books and powerful films containing different messages. 

Moreover, with the circulation of his funeral rumors on different social media platforms, people have started wondering if TD Jakes is still alive or not. 

Is TD Jakes Dead? Truth About The Surfacing Funeral News Of TD Jakes

Born on June 9, 1957, TD Jakes is not dead and appears to be healthy as of now.

However, the news of his death has circulated widely on the internet, causing concern among his followers. 

T.D Jakes wearing a black suit with holding his both hands together.
The death rumors of TD Jakes has taken over the internet in a very short time. (Source: Instagram)

Some of his supporters have shared their sadness online, despite no official confirmation of his death.

Moreover, different online platforms have also shared news about TD Jakes funeral news, which is invalid and has confused his followers.

Further, there is no reliable source to authenticate this rumor and no member of Jakes’s family has confirmed the news yet. 

Despite his continued online presence and recent activities, the unverified news of TD Jakes funeral is still in pursuit, affecting his daily life. 

However, it is crucial to exercise caution when encountering news on social media and to verify the authenticity of the information before accepting it as true.

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More About TD Jakes Early Years And Family

TD Jakes was born in South Charleston, West Virginia to businessman and entrepreneur Ernest, Sr. (father) and educator Edith (mother).

Being the youngest among three children, Jake was known as the Bible boy in the community since his childhood. 

Unfortunately, his father developed kidney failure when Jakes was ten years old and died in 1973.

TD Jakes along with his wife wearing a black dress but people are searching for his funeral.
TD Jakes and Serita Jakes have been married since 1982 and share 5 children together. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Jake went on to preach his first sermon in 1976 and was officially ordained in 1979.

Following his passion, at the age of 23, he established the Temple of Faith Church in Montgomery, West Virginia in 1980.

After a year, in 1981, he got married to Serita Ann Jamison, whom he met while guest preaching in her neighborhood. 

Moreover, he simultaneously started working at Union Carbide along with his ministry to make ends meet. 

Continuing his studies, Jake earned his B. A degree in biblical studies from the Friends International Christian University in 1985. 

After five years, he completed his M.A. degree in biblical studies in 1990 and his D. Min. in 1995. 

Nevertheless, Jake was fascinated by pastoring and went on to pursue his studies in the same field, benefiting his future career.

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Details On TD Jakes Career And Achievements

First ordained into the Bishopric in 1987, Jakes preached Woman, Thou Arts Loosed in 1992, a sermon that addressed the pain of women.

During the years 1993 and 1994, Jakes started appearing on various weekly television broadcasts.

T.D Jakes wearing his pastor dress.
TD Jakes has been working as a full-time pastor since the age of 23. (Source: Instagram)

The same year, he initiated the first ManPower conference, designed to motivate men in their relational and community roles.

Further, in 1996, Jakes moved his family and fifty other church employees to Dallas where they established the Potter’s House.

At first, the church service drew more than 2,000 people; since then, the membership has grown to more than 30,000.

Moreover, in 1998, Jakes founded the Metroplex Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and established Clay Academy in the heart of Capella Park.

In 2000, Jakes earned recognition as one of the top religious leaders by PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly.

In the same year, he also became the main speaker at different important events. 

TD Jakes during his program holding a mic while people are searching for his funeral
Jakes holds a place in the Black Americans of Achievement series, The Encyclopedia of African-American Christian Heritage. (Source: Instagram)

Further, in 2001, Time magazine and CNN distinguished Jakes as America’s Best Preacher.

Additionally, in 2009, President Barack Obama asked Jakes to deliver the morning service before the historic Presidential Inauguration.

Having spent over thirty years in the ministry, Jake is also the author of more than twenty books and a Grammy Award-winning gospel musician.

Currently, Jake lives in Dallas with his wife, Serita. They have five children and two grandchildren.

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