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SMMA Tai Lopez Wikipedia, Age: Why Netizens Call Him Scam? Fact Check

Netizens are questioning the legitimacy of Tai Lopez, who gained fame for his marketing skills, and actively seeking information to determine if he is a scam. Does Tai Lopez have a Wikipedia page? Let’s find out!

Tai Lopez is an American entrepreneur, investor, and motivational speaker in Los Angeles, California.

He is a self-proclaimed millionaire entrepreneur, recognized for his successful online courses and distinctive lavish lifestyle.

Thanks to his marketing prowess, Tai became well-known on platforms like YouTube, where he offers dating and financial guidance.

His social media marketing firm services were accused of scams, and complaints regarding subpar customer support were voiced.

However, due to the accusations of scams, people have searched for the Wikipedia page of Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez Wikipedia: Age Of Self-Proclaimed Millionaire Entrepreneur

Despite being a well-known entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Tai Lopez has yet to have a Wikipedia page.

However, here are some details about Tai Lopez that can be included on his Wikipedia page.

Tai Lopez in Forbes.
Forbes recognized him as a Top Influencer in Technology/Business in 2017 due to his contributions. (Source: Forbes)

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, on April 11, 1977, Tai Lopez is currently 46 years old.

He was raised by his mother and grandmother, with his father being in prison during his upbringing.

At age 6, he started his first small business, selling cherry tomatoes for his mother.

Later, after he could not sell much, he opened a lemonade stand and experienced greater success.

Tai Lopez is a college dropout and a former employee at GE Capital. Additionally, he is the owner of a nightclub business in Hollywood.

After working in finance, he became a founder, investor, keynote speaker, adviser, and mentor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Tai Lopez with Russell
Tai has over 2 Million subscribers on YouTube. (Source: Instagram)

Tai’s wealth initially grew from his Elite Global Dating, LLC ownership around 2007.

He now offers online business mentorships, runs the ’67 Steps program,’ and hosts The Grand Theory of Everything podcast.

Furthermore, SMMA 4.0, one of Tai Lopez’s top courses, focuses on educating students on building successful Social Media Marketing Agencies (SMMA).

Lopez concentrated on personal growth and disseminated these lessons primarily through online courses and social media platforms.

Nonetheless, Tai Lopez has certainly made waves online, but there are accusations that his SMMA program is a scam.

Due to these reasons, netizens have been actively searching Tai Lopez Wikipedia page for his legitimacy.

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Is Lopez A Scam? Fact Check!

Tai has faced criticism on the internet as an alleged scam artist, particularly following the release of his Here in My Garage videos and YouTube ads.

In addition, he has a YouTube channel with 2.33M subscribers and billions of views.


Tai earns money by offering various programs and asserting that the information within them leads to success.

Lopez with a dog.
As of the publication by Protos on August 16, 2023, Tai Lopez’s involvement with RadioShack had ended. (Source: Twitter)

Many individuals are deceived into buying programs that promise to help them change their lifestyles or boost their income.

Despite controversies, some argue for Lopez’s legitimacy, seeing him as an experienced internet marketer with valuable knowledge to share.

Some say the information he shares has helped them in many ways, while others say he is a scam.

Moreover, they say spending money on programs that offer information readily available for free is essentially wasting valuable resources.

People have claimed that all his luxury cars and mansions are all rented and not his real assets.

Therefore, some say Tai is legitimate, and others don’t agree, making it only speculation.

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