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5-Year-Old Palestine Boy Tamim Daoud Death Cause Of Panic Attack Video Gone Viral On Reddit

A young Palestinian boy, Tamim Daoud death, after a severe panic attack from Israeli air raids on Gaza, is taking over the internet. Explore more on the news about the 5-year-old’s panic attack.

On Wednesday (10 May 2023), Palestinian militants and Israel’s army exchanged intense cross-border fire.

Gaza fired hundreds of rockets on Israel after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out deadly attacks on Islamic Jihad group positions along the Gaza Strip.

The current violence came after the Israeli military airstrikes in Gaza earlier this week, killing three leaders of a Palestinian terrorist organization and ten other Palestinian men, women, and children, prompting promises of vengeance.

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5-Year-Old Palestine Boy Tamim Daoud Death Cause

Tamim Daoud reportedly died after a server panic attack due to the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza earlier this week.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said 5-year-old Tamim Daoud’s little heart couldn’t take it. He died of a panic attack in Gaza.

Tamim Daoud Death
Following Wednesday’s Israeli airstrike on Gaza Strip, Tamim Daoud suffered a deadly panic attack. (Image Source: Twitter)

The ministry revealed that twenty Palestinians, including four women and five kids, were killed, and numerous people were injured due to the air raids on Gaza Strip.

According to the local media outlet, 10-year-old Palestinian girl Layan Madoukh died due to the ongoing strike.

Mayar Ezzdin, a Palestinian kid, also lost her life in another hit, along with her father and sibling.

Following months of escalating violence, Israel launched strikes on Tuesday, targeting three Palestinian commanders it alleged were planning attacks against Israelis.
Cairo, which had previously mediated a ceasefire, has begun mediating a ceasefire, but there was no quick confirmation from the Israeli side.

The White House said on Tuesday that it was closely monitoring Israeli airstrikes in Gaza that killed three Palestinian insurgent commanders and was aware of allegations that ten civilians were “tragically killed” in the raids.

Tamim Daoud Panic Attack Video Gone Viral On Reddit

Tamim Daoud’s death due to a severe panic attack took the internet by storm. The news is viral on various platforms, including Reddit and Twitter. People were devastated to learn how an innocent child lost his life.

According to Tamim Daoud’s family, he suffered a deadly panic attack as Israel bombed homes around him in the Gaza Strip.

People are searching for the video of the little boy having a panic attack. However, the clip doesn’t seem to exist. His family only informed the media about how the adorable boy died.

Tamim Daoud Death
Palestinian militants and Israel’s army exchanged intense cross-border fire on 10 May. (Image Source: Reuters)

The tragic death news of an innocent boy has grabbed massive public attention. People say no child should live or die like that, and Palestinian children deserve safety.

Furthermore, a senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and two other militants were killed in Gaza by an Israeli airstrike on Wednesday.

According to the Israeli military, they were killed in an attack on an apartment on the fifth story of a building in the southern part of the area, close to Khan Younis.

More than 500 rockets were launched toward Israel by Gaza militants. During the nine-month fight, the Israeli military struck over 130 terrorist targets in Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, there have been 25 fatalities in Gaza since Israel started its offensive against the PIJ on Tuesday morning. A minimum of ten civilians, as well as three additional PIJ officers, were killed.

Although several missiles have impacted houses and structures, Israel has had no fatalities. Most have been intercepted or have landed in open spaces.

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