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Who Is Tammy Peterson Jordan Peterson Wife? Wikipedia And Age

Jordan is often referred to as the thorn in the side of so-called “woke culture.” Jordon’s wife, Tammy Peterson, has been by his side for over three decades, and to learn more about her life and Wikipedia, keep reading.

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian specializing in psychology. He is also an author and has written best-selling books Maps of Meaning and Beyond Order.

However, most people know him as the guy on the internet who speaks about controversial topics. Therefore, he is also known to be a media commentator.

Peterson, a highly educated individual, obtained his undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Psychology.

In addition, he even has a PhD in clinical psychology from McGill University.

On the other hand, Peterson’s wife, Tammy, was a massage therapist and his lifelong love, whom he met when he was just an eight-year-old kid.

Much is known about Jordan, but his wife, Tammy Peterson, is somewhat of an enigma to the people as she does not have a Wikipedia handle.

Wife Of Jordan Peterson, Tammy Peterson Wikipedia & Early Life

Tammy Peterson was born on June 3rd, 1965, and will be 58 in 2023. She is also a Canadian, just like her husband.

She and Jordan have been together most of their lives; they even studied at the same university in Alabama.

Tammy and Jordon with her friends. Wikipedia.
Jordan Peterson was the eldest of three children born to Walter and Beverley Peterson. (Source: X)

Tammy follows Christianity and is of white Caucasian descent.

Jordan and Tammy married in 1989, and they have remained inseparable ever since.

The couple has welcomed two children, a son, Julian, and a daughter, Mikhaila.

Professionally, Tammy worked as a massage therapist and has remained an advisor to her husband, Jordan.

Another interesting fact about Tammy is that she is an enthusiastic foster parent and has raised numerous orphans since she was 30.

Currently, Tammy is working on her online presence. To do so, she has been working constantly on her podcasts.

Therefore, she has more than 50k followers on Instagram and a respectable 4k followers on Twitter.

Tammy Peterson making podcast from home, Wikipedia.
Tammy completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology in 1987. 

In addition, her YouTube channel is the fastest-growing platform, and she already has 49k subscribers.

In her podcast, she invites many influential and knowledgeable figures and talks about topics ranging from womanhood, the future, war, gender, self-discipline, and even the purpose of life.

Tammy Peterson is an experienced person knowledgeable about various fields; however, she still has no mention on the Wikipedia website.

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Tammy Peterson Is An Inspirational Cancer Warrior!

As Jordon once said, “The purpose of life is finding the largest burden that you can bear and bearing it.”

Such a burden occurred in his life when Tammy was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer in 2019.

Tammy talking about religion on her podcast.
Tammy attended the University of Ottawa.

Immediately, Jordan’s life went upside down; however, there was still some hope.

Tammy underwent two surgeries, and the second surgery damaged her lymphatic system.

The couple went to numerous hospitals searching for a cure; they even went to the United States for treatment.

Currently, she is recovering from cancer; however, she is constantly taking pills and undergoing various treatment procedures from time to time.

These events have taken a toll on her husband Jordan as well, who was taking the anti-anxiety medication ‘Clonazepam.’

This resulted in him being highly dependent on chemicals, which led Jordan to receive rehabilitation in New York.

Tammy and Jordon Peterson enjoying some private time.
They both fell in love in the fifth grade of the school. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, both Jordan and Tammy are on the road to recovery. They keep themselves busy by sharing their stories through speeches, debates, and podcasts.

Tammy Peterson is becoming increasingly popular in the podcast society, and in the future, we can surely expect a Wikipedia page in her name.

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