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Is Taraja Ramsess Wife, Lisa Ann Wilson? Family & Kids Of Marvel Stuntman

Taraja Ramsess, a stuntman who has worked on several big projects for Marvel films, had a tragic accident while returning from a Halloween party. The tragic news has brought the attention of netizens to Taraja Ramsess wife.

A stuntman, Taraja Ramsess has worked on several big projects under Marvel Films.

His work includes Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity Wars, and Avengers: Endgame.

Besides this, he has also appeared on television series like The Walking Dead and Games of Thrones.

His skill includes driving stunts, swimming stunts, fight scenes, and fall stunts.

These skills have led Taraja to achieve various awards and recognition withstanding his dignity.

In 2008, Taraja was awarded the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture for his performance in Black Panther.

Unfortunately, the industry has lost this gem in an accident where Taraja Ramsess, with his wife and children, came to their life’s end.

Is Taraja Ramsess Wife Lisa Ann Wilson? Family

Taraja was born on March 9, 1982, in Georgia, United States, and had an American Nationality following his African-American ethnicity.

Additionally, Taraja’s roots in the entertainment world had a tight connection since childhood.

His mother, Akili Ramsess, is an accomplished journalist and reporter who has transferred her skills to Taraja.

He grew up with his siblings Malik and Kza, playing in the streets of Atlanta.

But they moved to Los Angeles for better opportunities and a fresh start.

Similarly, talking about his Taraja Ramsess wife, he has never spoken about this section.

Taraja Ramsess
Taraja Ramsess was fond of his family and loved to spend family time. (Source: Instagram)

Being a private person, Taraja barely talked about his relations and love life.

However, according to internet archives, it is clear he was in relation with Lisa Ann Wilson.

Lisa was also a very talented woman who made her name in photography and filmmaking so fast.

Surprisingly, her work can be seen in The Last Black Man in San Francisco and The Hate U Give.

She was also the founder of several non-profit organizations like the Black Women Film Network.

Lisa, with this organization, has helped several black women gain respect and provide work in TV and Movies.

Lisa Ann Wilson wife of Taraja Ramsess with her daughters. (source: Instagram)
Lisa Ann Wilson, wife of Taraja Ramsess, with her daughters. (Source: Instagram)

Despite Taraja Ramsess and Lisa’s covered relationship, they had four children.

They had four daughters and a son named Sundari, Kisasi, Shazia, Fujibo, and Zara, respectively.

They shared a great love and care bond throughout their family.

As they were responsible for raising four children, they never discriminated against any of them.

Taraja Ramsess and his wife have done everything to care for their family and children with a warm hand.

Tragic Accident Of Marvel Stuntman Taraja Ramsess

Sadly, on October 31, 2023, while Taraja was driving home from the nearest Halloween Party got into an accident.

His car collided with the tractor, causing severe injuries and the on-spot death of his family.

Trapped in the car, Taraja, with his three daughters Sundari, Fujibo, and Kisasi, died at the scene.

Lisa and her daughters, Shazia and Zara, sustained severe injuries and were immediately taken to the hospital.

This news spread over the internet as fire, causing many to handle shock and bear sadness.

Taraja Ramsess with mother
Akili Ramsess posted this picture in memory of her son Taraja with condolence. (Source: Instagram)

Being a famous personality and stuntman followed by his admirers, this loss has made his followers pray for his family.

Everyone is depressing their condolence to his family and giving tribute to the Taraja Family.

Additionally, Taraja’s mother, Akili, has also announced her son’s tragic death through an Instagram Post.

After several days with life support, Akili has also announced the death of her grandchildren, Kisasi.

Taraja Ramsess and his wife have gone through a very big loss in their life.

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