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Tarek El Moussa Net Worth: Television Career & Lifestyle

Tarek El Moussa has a net worth of $10 million as a real estate businessman and TV personality.

He is most known for being one of the TV show hosts “Flip or Flop.”

Tarek El Moussa
Tarek El Moussa

El Moussa is notorious for buying homes at auctions, remodeling them, and then reselling them for a profit.

His first profit came from purchasing a $115,000-investment house in Santa Ana and selling it for the profit of $34,000.

Quick Facts

Let’s have a quick look at facts related to Mike Tyson:

Full Name Tarek El Moussa
Net Worth $10 million
Date of Birth August 21, 1981
Age 42 years old
Place of Birth  Long Beach, California
Zodiac Sign  Leo
Religion Christian
Nationality                          American
Ethnicity Middle Eastern
Languages Spoken English
Education Not Known
Father Not Known
Mother Dominique El Moussa
Siblings Angelique El Moussa (Sister)
Offspring Taylor El Moussa, Brayden El Moussa
Height 178cm, (5 ft 10in)
Weight 171lbs (78 kg)
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Relationship Heather Rae Young
Hobbies  Doing Hot Yoga
Profession TV personality and real estate investor
Endorsements  Hanson Capital Group LLC
Social Media Facebook
Last Update  May, 2024

Tarek El Moussa: Net Worth and Income

Tarek El Moussa has a net worth of $10 million as an American real estate agent and reality television celebrity.

El Moussa is a real estate agent and house flipper headquartered in Orange County, California.

His HGTV show Flip or Flop, which he co-hosted with his ex-wife Christina El Moussa, is his most well-known work.

Tarek, Christina, and their partner Pete De Best paid $115,000 for their first investment property in Santa Ana.

The trio divided the profit after selling the property for $34,000 and continued to flip houses, growing their real estate investing operation into Arizona and Nevada.

HGTV has officially unveiled Tarek’s new show, Flipping 101, with Tarek El Moussa.

Tarek is featured on the show as he trains real estate beginners to teach them the keys to a successful flip.

Christina and Tarek were paid a meager $10,000 per episode altogether in the show’s early seasons.

For the season, that amounted to almost $130,000.

By season three, they were earning $40,000 every episode, or around $600,000 per season.

Net Worth of Tarek El Moussa in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Tarek El Moussa’s net worth in different currencies as of 2024.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €8,432,550
Pound Sterling £7,231,950
Australian Dollar A$13,381,240
Canadian Dollar C$ 12,494,150
Indian Rupee ₹ 745,407,000
BitCoin ฿305.61

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Tarek El Moussa: Houses, Cars, and Yachts


El Moussa, too, had to begin somewhere.

This HGTV star bought his first home when he was just 21 years old—and spent a lot more than he anticipated.

He set out to find a house for roughly $400,000 but instead fell in love with one advertised for over $800,000.

“It was the ideal bachelor pad—1,400 square feet, a large master bedroom, my own man cave, and, best of all, a 300-gallon shark tank—may I remind you that I was 21 at the time?” he expressed himself.

El Moussa was married to Christina Anstead by 2013, and the couple had a daughter, Taylor, who necessitated the purchase of a larger family home.

The couple had the funds to upgrade because their hit television show, “Flip or Flop,” had completed its first season.

At the end of 2013, El Moussa and Anstead purchased a mansion in Yorba Linda, California, for $2 million.

Tarek El Moussa
Tarek’s Mansion in Yorba Linda, CA

This property was already magnificent, with six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms.

Still, the couple spent an additional $1.5 million to upgrade it, converting the backyard into an oasis with a beautiful dining area, a fancy pool, and fire features.

Despite all of their hard work, when the couple divorced in 2018, they sold the house at a loss, accepting a $2,995,000 offer.

El Moussa moved into a four-bedroom “dadchelor” pad” in Costa Mesa, CA, after he and Anstead divorced.

It was only a few blocks from his ex-wife’s apartment, making shared custody of their children easier.

There was a pool, a spa, and an outside dining area at the house.

The inside was designed with strong colors to create a comfortable but manly atmosphere.

The location was ideal for El Moussa, with a modern fireplace and lofty ceilings.


Star of HGTV’s Flip or Flop, Tarek El Moussa, has an eccentric garage.

“My elevated white GMC Denali truck serves as my daily driver. It has a powerful engine, “he says. “Trucks appeal to me because of their storage capabilities.

It’s been elevated so I can go off-roading, and the interior is stunning, with a nice dash and a large screen.

I enjoy all of the technology, and it’s just a stunning truck.”

When El Moussa has the opportunity, he takes it off-roading and gives it a perfect 10.

“It’s the longest I’ve ever owned a car,” he jokes. “I do a lot of driving in that.”

Instead of the GMC Denali pickup, Here are some of the other vehicles in his collection that we know about thus far:

2017 Jeep Wrangler

El Moussa purchased a “wild” 2017 Jeep Wrangler that he wasn’t even shopping for.

He saw the Jeep while browsing at new Lamborghinis at a local car dealership and decided to buy it.

Tarek El Moussa
2017 Jeep Wrangler

With large 38-inch tires, the Jeep Wrangler is unquestionably the coolest Jeep on the road.

Because the tires are so large, it sends you all over the lane.

As a result, using it as a daily driver will be more challenging.”

He scores it a 20 in terms of coolness, but just a 7 in terms of functionality and drivability.

“That thing gets as many looks as my Lamborghini,” he says.

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo

He says about his Gallardo, “I really love everything about it.” “The only thing missing is modern technology, which is why I’m upgrading.”

Tarek stands in front of his Lamborghini Gallardo, posing for the camera.

“I enjoy driving the Lamborghini because it is so quick. I’m thinking of getting either the Aventador or the Huracan, “he declares.

“I enjoy Ferraris. He added, “I like to race motorbikes, dirt bikes, trucks, and cars.”

2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

“Right now, I’m in a Sprinter that was entirely transformed to be a Sprinter executive limo, which I use multiple days per week when I go to set,” he explains.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

He’s come to trust the Sprinter, particularly when filming his HGTV show.

“I got two 50-inch TVs, a full bar, a surround sound system, a refrigerator, and all this great stuff,” he says.

I hang around in the back, as I am doing right now.

It’s basically the coolest thing ever, with captain’s seats and five iPads. He says, “I love this item.”

When he’s out on the town with his friends, the modified van comes in very handy.

“I get a driver when I go on dates or whatever I’m doing, so I don’t have to worry about driving or Uber, and it’s just really, really amazing.”


The yacht Flip or Flop was purchased by El Moussa and Anstead jointly.

However, El Moussa renamed it Bad Decisions shortly after they split up.

Bad Decisions

The boat, which cost about $1million, features two bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it nearly as big as some of his flips.

The yacht is beautiful, with teak flooring and cedar-lined compartments, as well as a kitchen and a washer and dryer.

It’s also convertible, so you can leave it open to enjoy the coastal breezes or close it to use the heater or air conditioner.

This yacht, it turns out, was crucial in El Moussa’s encounter with his fiancée in Newport Beach, California.

Tarek El Moussa: Lifestyle

Tarek El Moussa has a net worth of $10 million as a real estate investor and TV personality.

El Moussa paid $550,000 for a rundown Yorba Linda property in season 3, episode 1 of Flip or Flop.

Angelique, his sister, wanted to buy the house after spending $103,400 renovating it.

Tarekchoose sells the house to her for $20,000 less than he had planned to advertise it for.

Despite this, he made a profit of $61,600 from the sale. He did, however, agree to waive all closing costs.

In Newport Beach, he purchased property.

El Moussa originally purchased the house, intending to flip it, but after he proposed to Heather Rae Young, they realized it would be a terrific home for both of them.

Tarek El Moussa; Charity

As of now, no information about charity has been disclosed.

Facts about Tarek El Moussa

  • El Moussa and Anstead, who were married at the time, lost nearly everything when the housing market crashed in 2008. They downsized from a $6,000 monthly mortgage to a $700 monthly rent and shared $5 Subway foot-longs since they couldn’t afford two.
  • During one season of “Flip or Flop,” a viewer wrote to the producers, expressing concern over a bulge on El Moussa’s neck. The bump was diagnosed as thyroid cancer when he had it checked out.
  • After his divorce, El Moussa didn’t stay alone for long. He stated he was dating Heather Rae Young, a reality TV personality. She is the star of the Netflix original show “Selling Sunset.”


What happened between Christina and Tarek?

Tarek and Christina’s fight was so fierce that cops had to intervene before they finally called it quit in May 2016.

Insiders say the fight began when Tarek discovered Christina chatting with a mutual acquaintance.

What is Tarek El Moussa’s net worth?

Tarek El Moussa’s net worth is calculated to be at $10 million. Tarek El Moussa is a real estate investor and television personality best known for hosting the “Flip or Flop.”

Who is Tarek El Moussa with now?

El Moussa proposed to Heather Rae Young on Catalina Island during a romantic weekend marking their first anniversary.

On July 26, 2020, Young shared the news of her engagement on Instagram.



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