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Tarek Masoud Wikipedia Age: How Old Is The Ford Foundation Professor?

Tarek Masoud, a scientist actively engaged in political efforts for the well-being of Arabic and Muslim-majority nations, has garnered public interest to explore more about Tarek Masoud’s impactful work on Wikipedia.

Born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Tarek Masoud was raised in the Middle East.

He is the son of an Egyptian immigrant who arrived in the U.S. in the early 1970s.

Despite an unlisted birth date, Masoud completed his education in the Middle East and became a Carnegie Scholar in 2009.

As a trustee of the American University in Cairo, he holds an A.B. from Brown and a Ph.D. from Yale in political science.

His academic journey and role as a Carnegie Scholar underscore his dedication to political science and education. 

He is making noteworthy contributions to institutions like the American University in Cairo.

His achievements have inspired people to see more information about Tarek Masoud on Wikipedia. 

Tarek Masoud Wikipedia And Age

In his 40s, Tarek Masoud, a highly esteemed individual, has achieved remarkable milestones in his life, particularly in politics.

Despite the wealth of information and achievements, Tarek Masoud lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

The ongoing nature of his work for the welfare of the people may soon capture the attention of Wikipedia editors.

Tarek Masoud is the Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Governance at Harvard University.

Tarek Masoud on CNN news.
Tarek Masoud on the Egyptian state’s repression rationale. (Source: CNN)

His primary research focus lies in political development within Arabic-speaking and Muslim-majority countries.

He showcases his commitment to understanding and contributing to the political landscape in these regions.

In addition to his academic endeavors, Masoud has authored Counting Islam.

A notable work delving into the intersections of religion, class, and elections in Egypt.

Published by Cambridge University Press in 2014, this book is a significant contribution to the scholarly discourse in the field.

Tarek Masoud talk on Harvard Kennedy School.
Tarek Masoud talks about the Middle East and Democracy.

His book The Arab Spring Pathways of Repression and Reform with Jason Brownlee and Andrew Reynolds was published in Oxford University Press in 2015.

Further, from all of his contributions for the benefit of the people, he is politically involved.

He has given much time to politics, so many people have wondered about his political career.

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The Political Career Of Tarek Masoud

His political career started when Tarek stood up for the people of Muslim-majority countries. 

On CNN news, he was recently interviewed to talk with Fareed Zakaria GPS about the enclave’s postwar future.

And what role can Egypt and other Arab countries play? 

The interviewer first talked about the Palestinian people supporting the Egyptian government.

He also says that many people have seen Egypt as some sort of part of the Israel-Hamas War. 

Fareed Zakaria and Tarek Masoud on CNN news.
The talk and opinion of Tarek Masoud and Fareed Zakaria on CNN news about the War. (Source: Twitter)

To this question, Tarek said the Egyptian reaction to what happened on October 27 was very plain.

He said the people wanted to seize fire from day one.

He also said that Egypt, from the very beginning, wanted to seize fire that would affect the humanitarian crisis in the country.

As he cleared the Egyptians’ thoughts, the interviewer asked a question about the people. 

He said there were a lot of people who thought the Egyptian government had tended to play the game of Public support. 

But they privately wanted to destroy Hamas.

The discussion about the government’s thoughts seems to never end until the end of the War. 

The more this topic got involved in harming the people, the more Tarek thought to clearly state more things. 

The interview ended with a difficult question: How to end the Isarel Hamms war? Even Tarek can’t give a clear thought about it.

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