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Is Jessica Henwick Playing Tashigi One Piece Live Action? The Truth

After the confirmations of many other characters for season 2 of One Piece live-action, fans now await the casting for ‘Tashigi.’ Many fan casts suggest they want Jessica Henwick to portray Tashigi, but will she?

Jessica Henwick is an English actress, writer, and director. She was born on August 30, 1992, in Surrey, England.

She started her career in 2010 and has become well-known in the entertainment world.

Jessica has a diverse family background. Her mother is from Singapore with Chinese roots, and her father is from Zambia but was born in England.

Her dad is famous for writing the Bite Back fantasy book series.

Jessica’s big break happened in 2009 when she auditioned for and got the main role of Bo in the CBBC show Spirit Warriors.

This made her the first East Asian actress to be the star of a British TV series.

Is Jessica Henwick Playing Tashigi One Piece Live Action?

Currently, Jessica Henwick is in the headlines for her potential casting in the One Piece live-action series as the character Tashigi.

Tashigi has dark brown eyes and black hair between her chin and shoulders.

Tashigi does quite resemple Kuina. (Source: DeviantArt)

She looks a lot like Kuina, who was Zoro’s childhood friend, and this has been a recurring theme in the series.

Further, she wears glasses with red frames, and before the time skip, she usually wore short-sleeved shirts of various colors and covered them with a white-trimmed blue leather coat.

Tashigi often wore dark blue jeans with black shoes but sometimes wore white capris with tan shoes.

She served under Vice Admiral Smoker at the G-5 base. Initially, she was somewhat of a rival to the Straw Hat Pirates as she pursued them, making her a supporting antagonist during the Loguetown Arc.

However, she later joined forces with the Straw Hats during the Arabasta Saga and the Punk Hazard Arc.

Her subordinates respect her as their leader, and they admire her.

Tashigi One Piece Live Action
Now we see why a fan suggests Jessica for Tashigi’s role. (Source: Instagram)

The appearance description of Tashigi resembles a lot of the actress Jessica Henwick.

However, it is not confirmed yet whether Jessica Henwick is playing Tashigi or not.

There are rumors that the makers want to reveal her casting only after the other characters are fully finalized.

They do not want to rush and speed up the promotional process for season two of One-Piece.

Jessica Henwick as Tashigi: Fans Eagerly Want To Know The Truth

It might take a while for the makers to release the confirmation.

But, the fans have been mentioning her in various fan-casts for season 2 of the one-piece series.

They think that she perfectly fits the role of Tashigi and would do the character justice with her amazing acting skills in One Piece live-action.

TAshigi Jessica Henwick
Jessica Henwick looks like she does have that fierceness of Tashigi. (Source: Instagram)

Since Tashigi and Kuina resemble each other a lot in real life, the fans think that the actress chosen for the role of Kuina and Tashigi resemble each other a lot.

Both of them are mixed Asians and have the perfect innocence along with fierce looks.

One fan wrote,

I really am eagerly waiting for Jessica Henwick to be confirmed for the role of Tashigi, I don’t see any other actress playing Tashigi.

Many fans have already accepted Jessica Henwick as Tashigi in One-Piece live-action.

The makers have not disappointed the fans with the casting in season 1. Let’s hope the makers also do not disappoint them in season 2.

Not only the makers but let’s hope Jessica Henwick also doesn’t have any other prior work commitments.

There hasn’t been a rumor about other actresses portraying Tashigi as of now.

But, seeing so many supporters for Jessica as Tashigi, it is very unlikely that Makers have anybody else in their mind besides her.

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