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Taylor Tomlinson Siblings: Brother Dustin, Sisters Brinn, Page & Drea

People have shown interest in learning about the siblings of Taylor Tomlinson, who are often the subjects of her jokes. Delve into their details further down below!

Taylor Elyse Tomlinson, born November 4, 1993, is an American stand-up comedian, writer, and television host.

She rose to fame as a top-ten finalist in NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2015 as she was named Top 10 Comics to Watch.

Initially, Taylor started by performing in church basements, school venues, and coffee shops.

The comedian released her first Netflix stand-up special, Quarter-Life Crisis which was followed by a country tour.

Moreover, Taylor reached a wider audience as a part of the podcast, Self-Helplessness with fellow comedian Kelsey Cook.

Soon she worked on her second Netflix special, Look At You, which paved the way for the development of Have It All.

With the success of her show, the personal life of Taylor Tomlinson has attracted the attention of many, especially details regarding her siblings.

Taylor Tomlinson Siblings: Brother Dustin, Sisters Brinn, Page & Drea

During her setlists, Taylor Tomlinson often mentions her siblings, piquing the interest of her followers.

In her recent stand-up special, Have It All, the comedian talked about how she and her siblings always sought the approval of their father.

Taylor Tomlinson hugging her sisters
Taylor maintains a close bond with her siblings, despite living separately. (Source: Facebook)

Further, Taylor claimed that dating was a big problem in the Tomlinson household as she was the only one without a partner.

Taylor Tomlinson stated that her younger Gen Z siblings are all queer and are in happy relationships.

Looking at her family, Taylor has three sisters, Brinn, Page, and Dren, who all identify as gay.

According to their social handles, Brinn, the 27-year-old sister, currently works as a customer service manager at Green Tomato Grill.

Moreover, she attended California State University for a degree in communications disorder.

Similarly, Taylor’s other sister, Drea is the youngest of the family and is involved as a site coordinator for Augustine Literacy Project.

Taylor Tomlinson with her siblings
Taylor took care of her siblings after the death of their mother. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, Page’s details are unknown except for the fact that they transitioned into a man.

Additionally, they now identify as a trans person while also changing their name to Dustin.

Despite their differences, the siblings of Taylor Tomlinson seem supportive of each other.

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Taylor Tomlinson Netflix Special: Reaching New Heights With Personal Jokes

The curiosity about her family increased right after the release of her new Netflix special, Have It All.

The 30-year-old comedian filmed her tour and her journey hosting her late-night show for CBS.

Further, Taylor doesn’t hesitate to talk about anxiety, self-doubt, and countless therapy sessions in her special.

Taylor Tomlinson in a black jumpsuit
Taylor’s witty style has captivated the audience. (Source: Instagram)

She has a way of blending personal stories in her set that makes the audience comfortable to share their own.

Moreover, Taylor looks humble enough to identify her shortcomings despite her success in the industry.

Along with that, she excels at talking about mental health in such a hilarious and vulnerable way.

Previously, the comedian started her career during her teen years with a stand-up class.

Slowly, Taylor improved her craft while taking inspiration from other prominent names including Brian Regan and Maria Bamford.

Additionally, some of her memorable jokes from the special have been circulating the internet.

Users have adored the way the comedian talked about failed relationships and troubling dating life.

Taylor posing for a photoshoot
Taylor often shares pictures with her family. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the comedic theme of her special, Taylor lets her audience know that she is grateful for all the opportunities.

She has tackled the industry stereotypes and risen to the top with constant hard work and dedication.

Likewise, Taylor is excited about all the thrilling things that the future has in store for her.

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