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Ted McGinley Has Two Kids With His Wife Gigi Rice, Family And Net Worth

People are searching for Ted McGinley Kids as he is among the most famous faces on television as Jefferson D’Arcy.

Ted McGinley is a well-known American Actor. He is most known for his appearances as Jefferson D’Arcy on Married… with Children and Charley shanowski on Hope & Faith on ABC.

His portrayal as Jefferson D’Arcy in the Fox comedy “Married… with Children” was one of his most remembered appearances. He portrayed the role from 1991 to 1997, and his portrayal was well-praised by both spectators and reviewers. Jefferson D’Arcy was a cute and clumsy character who rapidly became a fan favorite.

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He is also well-known for his role in “The Love Boat,” a classic ABC sitcom. From 1977 through 1986, he portrayed Ashley Covington Evans, and his performance was well-received by audiences.

Does Ted McGinley Have Two Kids With His Wife, Gigi Rice?

McGinley and Gigi Rice have been married since 1991 and have two children, Beau and Quinn McGinley. 

Rice is also an Actress, with credits including Harry and the Hendersons, The John Larroquette Show, and others. She and McGinley collaborated on an episode of Hope & Faith and Christmas Reservations.

Ted McGinley Kids
Ted McGinley Kids (source: amomama)

They’ve been married for 28 years and still have a beautiful life together, with no signs of divorce. No more information regarding dating or engagement has been revealed because both husband and wife are exceedingly discreet about their relationship.

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His children are now adults, but in an interview with Your Teen, McGinley discussed their lack of interest in his job when they were younger.

Beau graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology (cellular) / Biomedical Physics Cum Laude. He has also gotten Special Latin Honors and has undertaken study in Biology.

“We reside in West Los Angeles, where everyone’s Father or mother is in the industry, and we are so small-time that my kids couldn’t care less,” he explained. 

“My children have never seen Married… with Children. It was improper when they were younger, and now when they are older, they are uninterested.

Who Are Ted McGinley Parents? Family Explored

On May 30, 1958, McGinley was born in Newport Beach, California (some accounts place the birth in San Marino, California), where he grew up with his two older sisters.

His Father was a wealthy cardboard salesperson, and his mother was a heart surgeon’s nurse who worked as a real estate dealer.

Ted McGinley Kids
Ted McGinley In Mad Men (source: thefamouspeople)

McGinley has aspired to be an Actor since he was a youngster and has appeared in musicals and theater performances. Sports were also an essential aspect of his life. 

He started swimming and playing minor-league baseball to reduce weight. McGinley was a member of a top swim squad and had won various competitions by the age of 14. 

He also surfed and worked as a lifeguard on Newport Beach’s beach. McGinley was already drawing attention for his good looks on the beach, but he preferred to avoid jumping into the sea to save others until necessary.

Water sports were McGinley’s ticket to college. He received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles to play water polo.

He was captain of the squad by his final year. McGinley began her modeling career while still in college. He considered this as the first step toward a career as an Actor.

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What Is Ted McGinley Net Worth 2024?

Ted McGinley is a $5 million-dollar-worth American Actor. McGinley is arguably best remembered for portraying the part of Jefferson D’Arcy in “Married… with Children.

McGinley was rumored to be renting out his Newport Beach property for $4,800 per month in 2017. The three-bedroom residence is located on Balboa Island, linked to Newport Beach through a bridge and boat. 

The property, which has 1,884 square feet of living area, is reported to be valued at over $3 million. Among the highlights are a fireplace, a Dutch door, and stainless steel appliances.


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