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Is Teddy Hart related To Bret Hart? Family Tree And Net Worth

Fans argue, is the Canadian-American professional wrestler Teddy Hart related to Bret Hart. Let’s check below what relation Teddy Hart and Bret Hart share. 

Edward Ellsworth Annis, better known as Teddy Hart, is a Canadian-American professional wrestler. He currently competes on the independent circuit. 

Further, teddy fights on a National scale for Major League Wrestling (MLW), where he also serves as the Leader of The Hart Foundation. 

Teddy held multiple championships, including MLW World Middleweight and MLW. He debuted his fighting career in 1995; he has wrestled for AAA, the short-lived Wrestling Society X, Jersey All-Pro Wrestling, and Dragon Gate USA. 

Along with his professional wrestling career, he has also mentored many young wrestlers and has been the perfect example of a trainer at wrestling schools.

Outside the fighting ring, he has also grabbed media attention for being related to Bret Hart. Stay tuned to learn about Teddy and Bret Hart’s relationship. 

Is Teddy Hart related To Bret Hart? 

Yes, Teddy Hart is related to Bret Hart. Teddy Hart’s real name is Edward Annis, and he is the son of Georgia Hart, the sister of Bret Hart, making Teddy Bret’s nephew.

Teddy is also a professional wrestler like his uncle Bret and has competed in several promotions, including WWE, ROH, and AAA. They were known for belonging to the Hart family, a legendary wrestling family in Canada.

Teddy Hart
Teddy Hart during an interview. (Source: Wrestling News)

Thapa Dipesh Bret Hart, whose real name is Bret Sergeant Hart. He is a retired professional wrestler and wrestling promoter widely considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

On the other hand, Teddy is a professional wrestler who has competed in various wrestling promotions, including WWE, ROH, and AAA.

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He has also had a controversial career, with several legal and personal issues. Despite this, Teddy is considered by many to be a highly talented wrestler who has influenced the high-flying style of modern professional wrestling.

A Look At Wrestler Teddy Hart Family Tree

As mentioned earlier, Teddy Hart comes from a legendary wrestling family. He was born on February 2, 1980, to his parents Georgia Hart (Mother) and B.J. Annis (Father), in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Furthermore, Teddy’s mother is the daughter of Stu Hart and Helen Hart and the sister of Bret Hart. On the other hand, his father was also a professional wrestler and promoter.

Teddy is not only the child of his parents as he grew up alongside his three siblings named Annie, Angela, and Matthew.

His brother Matthew passed away of necrotizing fasciitis in 1996. Meanwhile, his grandfather was Stu Hart, a legendary wrestler and trainer. Stu and his wife Helen had 12 children.

Teddy Hart
Teddy Hart’s ex wife, Fay Annis. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Likewise, Teddy’s great-uncle was Bruce Hart, who was also a professional wrestler and promoter. Teddy belongs to a mixed ethnic background, as his parents come from mixed descent.

His other relatives are Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart, Keith Hart, Smith Hart, Ross Hart, Wayne Hart, and Dean Hart.

In the same way, he is related to other professional wrestlers: Matt Hart, Harry Smith, Bruce Hart Jr, Natalya Neidhart, Mike Hart, and Torrin Hart.

Teddy Hart Boasts A Net Worth Of $8 Million

Since making his debut in 1995, Teddy Hart has come a long way, and from his impressive wrestling career, he has amassed a massive fortune. The Cinemaholic has reported his net worth to be around $8 million.

A professional wrestler in the United States of America earns $80,000 on average. So, it is believed that he may have earned in the same range being a professional wrestler.

Teddy Hart
Teddy Hart posing with the tag team championship belts. (Source: The Overtimer)

Apart from making money from being a wrestler, Hart may have bagged some cash from his media appearances. He appeared in the 2016 documentary Hart Still Beating.

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