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Who Is Terrence Hardiman Wife Rowena Cooper? Family And Net Worth

Looking for information on Terrence Hardiman wife, Rowena Cooper? Continue reading the article to discover more about Hardiman’s wife, including his family and net worth.

Terrence Hardiman was a British actor born on April 6, 1937, in Forest GateLondon.   

Terrence Hardiman received his secondary education at Buckhurst Hill County High School in Essex. He pursued higher education at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, where he studied English.

During his time at Cambridge, Hardiman was involved in various theatrical productions of the Marlowe Society and the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club. He acted in both serious and humorous roles.

Moreover, Hardiman was recognized for portraying the roles of authority figures, such as Nazi-era personnel and British officers, and was best known for playing the role in the CBBC series The Demon Headmaster.

Further, his other notable works include, The Crown, Wallander, Doctor Who, Prime Suspect, and The Worst Witch. 

Likewise, Terrence was also the part of he prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company during the 1970s, where he narrated and provided voice-over for many audiobooks.

Sadly, on May 8, 2023, Terrence Hardiman passed away at the age of 86. However, his contribution to the entertainment industry will always be remembered in the hearts of his fans and supporters.

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Who Is Rowena Cooper, Terrence Hardiman Wife?

Terrence Hardiman and his wife, Rowena Cooper have been married since 1964.

Rowena Cooper is also a British actor, born in 1935 and has had an extensive career spanning over 50 years.

Cooper is recognized for her captivating talent as an actress, with her performances being praised by audiences and critics alike.

Cooper started her acting career back in 1956, by winning the Carlton Hobbs Bursary to join the Radio Drama Company.

Again, in 1959, she became a Dundee Repertory Theatre Company member and continued to act in various plays and TV shows.

Terrence Hardiman Wife
Rowena Cooper and Terrence Hardiman have been married since 1964. (Source: MUBI)

Further, her most notable role was as Mrs. Fenner in the TV series The Rag Trade. She has also appeared in popular TV series such as Poirot, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood.

Cooper has been known throughout her career for her dedication and hard work to deliver the best performance in every role she plays.

She is a true professional who takes her craft seriously and has made a significant contribution to the world of entertainment.

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Terrence Hardiman Family And Net Worth

Despite his fame, Terrence was known to keep a private life outside of his career, so there is no information available regarding the late actor’s family.

Apart from the fact, he was married to Rowena Cooper since 1964 and they had two children, Hardiman did not share much information about their children with the public.

Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for public figures to keep their personal lives separate from their professional careers and maintain privacy for themselves and their family.

Terrence Hardiman Wife
Terrence Hardiman died at the age of 86. (Source: Sky News)

Hardiman’s estimated net worth varies depending on the sources. Some sources claim it to be around $8 million while other sources states that his net worth is currently under review.

Whatever his net worth may be, it is clear that most of the wealth he accumulated, primarily comes from his career as a television actor.

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