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Terry Janway Suicide Case: Kill Herself After Shooting Her Husband Jack And Their Grandson Dalton

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson’s mother-in-law Terry Janway suicide-murder case has grabbed massive public and media attention. Police officers believe Terry fatally shot her husband, Jack Janway, and their grandson, Dalton.

The shocking incident occurred Monday night at the Janway couple’s residence in Oklahoma. When the authorities arrived at the crime scene, they found the lifeless body of Terry Janway, 68 years old.

Terry’s dead body was discovered alongside her husband, Jack Janway, 69, and their grandchild, Dalton, who is only 11 years old. 

Terry and Jack are the parents of Jimmie Johnson’s wife, Chandra Janway.

Jimmie Johnson is an American professional auto racing driver who has won NASCAR Cup Series Championship seven times.

What happened to the racer’s in-laws? Let’s take a detailed look at the shocking case of the Janway family below.

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Terry Janway Suicide Or Murder Case: Killed Herself After Shooting Her Husband, Jack

Police officers believe that the renowned race car driver’s mother-in-law, Terry Janway, fatally shot her husband, Jack Janway, and their grandson, Dalton, in their family house in Oklahoma on Monday night.

Terry Janway suicide
Terry Janway and Jack Janway’s house, where they were found dead on Monday night. (Image Source: CNN)

Terry Janway was lying dead at the crime scene along with her husband, Jack Janway, and their 11-year-old grandson Dalton when authorities arrived.

According to Lynn Hamlin, a Muskogee police officer, the department received an emergency call from a person they believed to be Terry.

The officer said the caller reported a disturbance, and someone had a gun and then hung up suddenly.

Just after 9 o’clock, when the police arrived at the house, they discovered a dead person in the hallway and heard another gunshot within the building.

According to the department, an officer later discovered two others dead in the house. TMZ was the first to break the shocking news.

Police are investigating the case as a murder-suicide case. They revealed Terry Janway is the main suspect in the case.

The department stated: “Additional information will be released if it becomes available.”

Who Were Terry Janway And Jack Janway

As mentioned above, Terry Janway and Jack Janway, who were found dead in their house earlier this week, were the mother and father of Chandra Janway.

Chandra Janway is the wife of seven-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Jimmie Johnson. The Janway-Johnson couple walked down the aisle in 2004.

Terry Janway suicide
Jimmie Johnson and his wife, Chandra, must still be in shock. (Image Source: CBS Sports)

Moreover, Jimmie Johnson’s father-in-law, Jack Janway, worked as a chiropractor in Muskagee. Chiropractic professionals assess and care for the neuromusculoskeletal system.

On the other hand, Terry’s profession is yet to be disclosed.

According to the people who knew Mr. and Mrs. Janway, they were well-known among their circle and had many community contributions.

In an interview with Fox 23 News, Muskogee mayor Marlon Coleman expressed how shocked he was to hear the news.

The major added, “I knew Dr. Janway. He worked on me, and we have known each other for a long time since I arrived in Muskogee. Knowing it was Dr. Janway and his family took a different toll on me.”

Muskogee Public Schools issued a statement Monday saying that they mourn the loss of their student, Dalton Janway.

The Janway couple’s grandson, Dalton, was a fifth-grade student at Sadler Arts Academy. He was an adorable boy loved by all of his teachers and friends.

“Our hearts go out to the entire Rougher community who knew him as a friend and classmate,” Muskogee Public Schools added. According to People, counselors would be accessible to children, families, and employees.

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