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Allen Mall Shooting: Who Is Mauricio Garcia Wife Or Girlfriend? Dating And Relationship

Who is Mauricio Garcia wife? Witnesses have identified the gunman who killed eight people in the Texas mall shooting.

Mauricio Garcia has reportedly been identified as the culprit in Saturday’s mass shooting in Allen, Texas, according to a senior law enforcement source engaged in the investigation.

By the time the horrific rampage on Saturday ended, at least seven more people had been injured in addition to the eight fatalities in the upscale suburb of Allen, some 25 miles north of Dallas.

The AR-15-style rifle was found nearby, and the source said Garcia had at least one extra weapon on him when Garcia was fatally shot in front of the mall.

Police also found a lot of guns in his vehicle. CNN spoke with neighbors who witnessed the FBI and Police visiting a home at an address that matches Garcia’s parents on Saturday evening.

Let’s find out detail regarding Mauricio Garcia wife.

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Allen Mall Shooter: Who Is Mauricio Garcia Wife Or Girlfriend? Dating And Relationship

Mauricio Garcia, 33, has been named the shooter who opened massive Fire at a Texas outlet mall, killing eight people and injuring seven more before being slain by Police.

The Texas Department of Public Safety released this information on Sunday. The reason for Saturday’s violence remains a mystery to the authorities.

Talking about Mauricio Garcia Wife Or Girlfriend, it is unclear whether he was married, although he lived with his parents. Nothing is known about his religious affiliation.

The Texas Mall Shooting, which happened two times in Texas in less than a week, was the second deadliest mass shooting in the country in 2023.

Mauricio Garcia Wife
Mauricio Garcia Wife details are yet to be revealed. (Source: Janta Ka Reporter)

Police investigated a Dallas residence connected to Garcia’s parents on Saturday night after the carnage outside the Allen Premium Outlets. They also looked into a motel where Garcia, the alleged shooter, had scheduled an extended stay, according to law enforcement sources that spoke to local station WFAA-TV.

Mauricio did not have a significant criminal past and was employed as a security guard, albeit it is unknown where.

After the suspect was discovered with a patch on his chest that seemed to have white supremacist or neo-Nazi leanings, authorities are also looking into potential connections between the suspect and radical ideologies, according to the Washington Post.

Allen Mall Shooting: Who Is 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia?

Garcia, according to CNN, was residing in a makeshift structure. According to the Dallas Morning News, Garcia was a guest at a Dallas extended-stay hotel.

The Dallas home that the Police had raided on Saturday turned out to belong to his parents. Garcia was a security guard at the time of the incident and had no history of severe criminal activity.

It is thought that he was raised in North Dallas and went to Bryan Adams High School. The victims of Garcia range in age from 5 to 61.

The Texas Department of Public Safety & the FBI Bureau in Dallas, which is assisting in the investigation, both acknowledged that two sites connected to the suspect were being searched, yet they provided no other details.

Mauricio Garcia Wife
Army discharged Texas mall, shooter, due to mental health issues. (Source: CBS News)

Garcia had three previous jobs before his license expired. The Texas Online in thich Private Security database shows that he was authorized to work there as a commissioned security guard in the state from April 2016 to April 2020.

According to records, he completed additional gun training in 2018 and received proficiency training in firearms in 2015.

Applicants who have committed specific violent offenses are immediately disqualified by DPS, which manages the database.

Garcia’s neighbors informed WFAA that although Garcia always parked his gray-colored Charger in front of his parents’ House, neither they nor Garcia had been seen in recent weeks.

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