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Are Teyana And Draya Dating? Viral Instagram Photos And Relationship Rumors

The friendship between Teyana and Draya has always been in the limelight. But, people are assuming that the duo is in a romantic relationship.

Teyana Taylor and Draya Michele have been close friends and collaborators for many years.

The multi-talented American artist Teyana Taylor is renowned for her singing, dancing, and choreography skills.

On the other hand, Draya Michele is an American media personality and model.

The duo clicked instantly on their first meet and remained close friends.

Moreover, they have worked on various projects like magazine covers and music videos.

However, people have speculated about the nature of their relationship, with some fans thinking they might be more than friends.

Let’s dig more into their relationship through this article.

Are Teyana And Draya Dating? Rumors Or Truth

Teyana Taylor and Draya Michele remained friends long before they became stars.

The duo has been spotted together many times as they’ve worked together on various projects.

Not just for professional work, but their friendship remains beyond that.

Teyana and Draya have been best friends for ages now. (Source: Instagram)

Time and again, they share pictures of hanging out together through their social media.

Also, their friendship is adored by many, and they have set a beautiful example of companionship and support.

But, with the recent Instagram photos of Teyana and Draya, people assume they are in a romantic relationship.

The picture was really controversial, so it’s hard to say if they are just friends or dating.

Teyana and Draya
Draya and Teyana snapped together at a party. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the speculation hyped up when Teyana shared that she and her husband, Iman, are separating after seven years of marriage.

So, fans believe the cause for separation might be Teyana’s relationship with Draya.

This might not be true because neither Teyana nor Draya has confirmed or denied the dating rumors.

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How Did The Rumors Start?

Netizens started speculating about the duo dating when Teyana posted a photo of herself getting flirty with Draya Michele on her birthday in 2019.

Taylor captioned the picture,

When the hottest girl in school let’s quiet nerdy trade take her to prom. happy bday babe.

However, the recent photo of the duo added more spice to this news.

And this time, Draya shared a picture on her Instagram where she and Teyana seemed intimate.

Teyana and Draya together
Teyana was seen getting really cozy with Draya at the party. (Source: Instagram)

The picture is going viral all over the internet, questioning their relationship.

Speaking of the rumors, the duo has been somewhat tight-lipped about their sexuality and relationship.

Despite the buzz, they shared a beautiful friendship, and their bond grew stronger over time.

Teyana’s Separation With Ex-Husband Sparks Speculations!

The singer, Teyana, wed former NBA player Iman Shumpert in October 2016.

The beautiful couple has two kids: son Rue Rose and daughter Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. (Junie).

Moreover, the duo has always opened up about their beautiful relationship, being the inspiration for many.

Despite being in a healthy relationship, they have decided to separate for a while. And when this news broke on the internet, the entire fandom was shocked.

The singer and her husband are separating after seven years of marriage. (Source: Instagram)

Teyana broke this news on her social media as she gave an update about her relationship on Sunday afternoon (September 17).

Taylor wrote in a post on Instagram,

In all fairness, Iman and I are separated and have been for a while.

She added they are still best friends, great business partners, and a great team for co-parenting their two beautiful children.

Fans are curious about the reason for the couple’s separation after ten years of togetherness and seven years of marriage.

This news further led netizens to question Teyana’s orientation and relationship with Draya.

Some people even believe the singer is in a romantic relationship with Draya. And this could be the reason behind her separation from her ex-husband.

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