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Teyana Taylor Coming Out As Lesbian Or Bi? Sexuality Rumor Or Truth

In the world of music, Teyana Taylor is a big name. As people have always questioned her sexuality, there is an ongoing rumor of Teyana Taylor coming out as gay.

Teyana Taylor is a multi-talented American artist renowned for her singing, acting, dancing, and choreography skills.

Hailing from New York City, she was born on December 10, 1990.

Taylor became a big name in the music industry, appearing in famous artists’ music videos, including Beyoncé, Chris Brown, and Kanye West.

The singer’s journey has left an enduring mark on the entertainment industry, from her early career days to her memorable appearances in music videos and films.

She released her hit mixtapes, including The Cassette Tape 1994, following her signing with Kanye West’s record label, G.O.O.D. Music in 2012.

Moreover, her debut single, Google Me, has also received success with her fans’ support.

Her musical prowess and dancing skills have always grabbed people’s eyes. Nevertheless, questions about her sexual orientation have always been a subject of curiosity and discussion.

Is Teyana Taylor Coming Out As Bisexual – What is Her Sexuality?

The question on fans’ minds now is whether Teyana Taylor is coming out as lesbian or bisexual.

With the rumors of her orientation, Teyana’s sexuality is undoubtedly a debated topic.

Teyana Taylor looking stunning
In 2016, Teyana’s dance with Kanye became viral because of her jaw-dropping dance moves. (Source: Instagram)

As the singer has not publicly announced or denied her sexuality, it is difficult to say whether Teyana Taylor is bisexual.

Some music videos, like Morning, have ignited conversations about her sexuality as she was featured in an intimate scene with a woman.

Also, people gossiped about her being a tomboy, looking at some of her music videos like My Super Sweet 16.

Although she has not identified as a tomboy, many believe she is one.

Teyana's newlook
Teyana’s sexual orientation has always been a subject of curiosity and discussion. (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her real life, Teyana has never been spotted in a romantic relationship with a woman.

While her dating history primarily includes relationships with men, she is likely not lesbian or bisexual.

Despite her sexuality, people love Teyana for who she is, her work, and her confidence.

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Teyana Taylor Relationships: Divorce from Ex-Husband

The American singer Teyana Taylor married N.B.A. player Iman Shumpert in 2016.

The duo had two children: daughter Iman Tayla and son Rue Rose.

Teyana Taylor and her family
The singer married N.B.A. player Iman Shumpert and had two children together. (Source: Instagram)

Despite her busy work life, the singer has balanced her career and family.

While sharing the joy of parenthood with her partner, she revealed its challenges.

Also, the couple had inspired many, being each other’s biggest strength.

But unfortunately, they have decided to take a separate path while co-parenting their beautiful children.

Taylor confirmed through her Instagram that they have separated on good terms.

Teyana and Draya's picture
Teyana Taylor and Draya Michele snapped together. (Source: Instagram)

So, the couple’s divorce might have sparked the speculations about Teyana Taylor coming out as lesbian or bisexual.

Talking about the singer’s current relationship, she has not revealed anything about it.

While some netizens believe she is dating a guy(Instagram model), others associate her name with Draya Michele.

For now, fans should wait till Teyana herself confirms her new relationship.

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