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The Amazing Race: Who Is Luis Colon Wife Michelle Burgos? Age Gap Married Life And Net Worth

A firefighter from Miami, Florida, and the cast of the upcoming season of The Amazing Race 34, Luis Colon’s Wife is Michelle Burgos.

Luis Colon and his wife Michelle Burgos are participating in a TV show called The Amazing Race, which will air on September 21 at 10 pm.

The Amazing Race is an American TV series, an adventure reality game show in which 11 or 12 teams of two race worldwide. 

The Amazing Race: Who Is Luis Colon Wife Michelle Burgos?

Luis Colon’s wife, Michelle Burgos, is a formal Pitbull dancer and a member of TMBO (The Most Bad Ones).

Furthermore, the upcoming TV show The Amazing Race 34 selected Michelle Burgos and her husband to participate on CBS, with fresh episodes accessible the next day on Paramount+.

Luis Colon
Luis Colon, with his wife Michelle Burgos, travel around the world
Source: Instagram

The dancer was born in 1988. However, her birthplace is not disclosed to the public; she currently lives in Miami, Florida.

Michelle is a kind and beautiful girl with approximately 161cm in height and 58 kg in weight.

Moreover, a former Pitbull dancer has not revealed any information about her. It seems she prefers privacy in her life to being socially recognizable.

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Miami Couple Luis Colon And Michelle Burgos Age Gap And Married Life

Luis and Michelle’s age gap is no less, as both were born in 1988. Although the couple has not revealed the full date of birth, it seems Luis is a few months older than Michelle.

The lovers are 34 years old as of 2022. The couple got married on January 4, 2016. It’s already been 6 years of them living as husband and wife. Yet, they look like a newlywed couple.

Luis Colon
Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos on their wedding Source: Instagram

However, the couple doesn’t share kids, but fans of them hope to welcome the child in the future.

Moreover, the pair seems to be enjoying their life with each other and want to spend more just the two of them without having a child. We all need to respect their decision and privacy.

Furthermore, Michelle and her husband are going from “Mr. Worldwide” to some worldwide travel on The Amazing Race.

Additionally, no matter what missteps they make or fires they must put out, the married couple wants to walk away from the race and has enjoyed every bit of the experience.

How Much Does The Couple Earn From TV Show The Amazing Race? Net Worth Details

The couple has not revealed their net worth. However, the net worth of The Amazing Race cast is around $10,000 to $1,500

While playing race, the final leg of each race is run by the last three remaining teams, and the first to arrive at the final destination wins the show’s prize, US $1 million.

Moreover, the second-place team ranking earns $25,000, followed by $10,000 for the third, with prizes gradually dwindling to $1,500 for the last team.

Luis Colon
Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos love traveling Source: Instagram

Additionally, to cash prizes, contestants can also compete to win trips, cars, cash, cruises, and even gas at specific legs of the trip.

Furthermore, the show provides each team with up to $500 for each leg of the race to spend on food, lodging, travel guides, taxis, or other incidentals, during taping.

Besides that, Luis is a firefighter, and Michelle is a pitbull dancer, which leads them to earn a fortune. Also, their fan following on Instagram makes a reasonable amount.

Surprisingly, the dancer earns $95 to $162 per post on Instagram. More than 28K followers follow her. We can assume that their fan following will increase highly when the show (The Amazing Race) releases.

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