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The Challenge: Who Are Amber Borzotra Parents Allan Borzotra And Ondina Aslinger? Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Amber Borzotra Parents, Allan Borzotra and Ondina Aslinger, are proud of their daughter. Borzotra is an American model as well as a TV personality.

The model is widely famed for her exposure on Big Brother 16. Amber is also the guest House of the shows.

The Challenge is a reality competition on MTV spun off from two of the network’s reality shows, Road Rules and The Real World.

The TV personality Amber made her latest appearance in the TV series called The Challenge, which rose the fame gradually.

Borzotra was competitive and dangerously popular, becoming the first member of the “Bomb Squad,” a hugely popular alliance in the House on season 16.

Who Are Amber Borzotra Parents Allan Borzotra And Ondina Aslinger? Family Explored

Borzotra was born to Ondina Aslinger and Allan Borzotra, raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is a resident of North Hollywood, California.

Her mother, Aslinger, met Allan while he was deployed there as a U.S. Army combat medic. However, the couple is long divorced.

The relationship between them faded away after a while. Ondina was married to Brian Eugene Aslinger after being apart from Allan. 

Amber Borzotra
Amber Borzotra with her grandmother and Father
Source: Instagram

Moreover, the model has two siblings, sister Ariana and brother Aaron. They all grew up with modest means.

The TV personality Amber was born in Germany on January 13, 1988. The young girl considers her mother as her biggest motivator and strongest support.

In Addition, when Amber was asked what she would do if she got famous on ‘Big Brother,’ Amber replied that she would make sure her mother never had to work again.

Furthermore, Borzotra, the model, values family over everything else and is also very close to her grandmother.

The Reality Television Cast Parents Age Gap

We can assume the age gap between Allan Borzotra and Ondina Aslinger is no less than 3-5 years, as the model has not disclosed much information about her parents.

However, Amber’s Father must be in their early 60s, according to the age of the TV personality. A female model is 34 years old as of 2022.

Amber Borzotra
Amber Bozotra on The Challenge 37
Source: TV Cynics

As for her mother, Aslinger passed away in March 2012 at 45. Borzotra belongs to the German-American ethnicity.

The TV personality’s Father is African-American, while her mother is from Germany. The fashion blogger is already an aunt and has a beautiful niece named Nova.

As an esthetician, she started her practice and was endorsed by many for waxing, skincare, and makeup artistry.

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The Challenge: Amber Borzotra Net Worth And Career Details

The TV personality Amber Borzotra’s net worth is whopping around $83 million. She earned money by being a model.

In 2014, the model was a contestant in Big Brother, and later, in 2020, she first took part in The Challenge.

Likewise, Amber was the first Big Brother star to hold the title of Challenge champion and took home $450,000 and an additional $5,000 for winning the “Interrogation” challenge.

However, the girl is potentially running to win season 37 of the show. Borzotra also has her series on the Zeus Network called Pillow Talk with Amber and Hannah.

Amber Borzotra
Amber Bozotra with her Challenge Family
Source: Instagram

Besides being a model, Amber is a fashion blogger and medical esthetician. In 2012 the TV personality studied esthetics for a year at Douglas J Aveda Institute.

Moreover, a fashion blogger appeared on the shows like The Bold and The Beautiful in 2014. Later, she also starred in Just Living: The Web Series in 2017.

In Addition, as a female model and medical esthetician, Borzotra made an average of around $54 thousand and $58 thousand per annum, respectively.

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