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The Family I Had Wikipedia: Documentary Summary, Review, Cast

A harrowing documentary, The Family I Had, reveals the crimes committed by a 13-year-old, and people search for Wikipedia to find more details on the real-life incident.

The Family I Had, now streaming on Prime Video, takes viewers on an emotional roller-coaster.

Directed by Katie Green and Carlye Rubin, the documentary recalls the murder of Ella Bennett at the hands of her brother.

Further, the show features some of the personal and unsettling details of the incident that have shocked many.

Moreover, the family was torn apart after the crime of the 13-year-old child, as his actions came with consequences.

So, people have always been invested in learning more about the real story of The Family I Had, leading to the search for a Wikipedia.

The Family I Had Wikipedia: Documentary Summary

The Wikipedia of The Family I Had begins with family archive films of Paris and Ella opening Christmas presents.

Such a moment gives us a sense of a happy childhood and a peaceful household.

However, the tone shifts as their mother, Charity, recalls the night of the incident when she was working.

The Family I Had Charity Lee
Charity was at her job when she received the news. (Source: Instagram)

Further, she received news that her daughter was hurt and had to go home with the police.

The documentary showcases Paris calling 911 moments after murdering his 4-year-old sister in her bedroom.

Moreover, he is in tears as he narrates the minute details of the murder to the operator.

Following the events, news trucks and media persons surround the house, and the family becomes a topic of discussion.

Likewise, The Family I Had explores the personality of both kids and their relationships.

On the other hand, their grandmother is also featured on the show and delves into her past with Charity.

After the murder, Charity’s mother wanted Paris to get all the help that he needed.

Meanwhile, the idea terrified Charity as her neighbors blamed her for the shocking behavior in Paris.

Paris Bennett in The Family I Had
Paris felt left out in his family. (Source: Instagram)

As the story progresses, we get to see Paris’ point of view, and he remembers the day as it is.

Similarly, he always knew he wanted to hurt somebody and decided to make his sister his victim.

After the birth of his sister, Ella, Paris felt neglected by his mother and often showcased strange behaviors.

The Wikipedia page for The Family I Had also includes the Ella Foundation, founded in memory of the 4-year-old.

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Harrowing Real-Life Incident: The Family I Had Review, Cast

As for the cast details of The Family I Had, Wikipedia provides insight into the matter.

The documentary features the real people who had to go through the shocking crime committed by the 13-year-old.

Moreover, Paris’s guardians, like his mother, grandmother, and aunt, recount the moments with the child.

Likewise, the police officers from Texas also provide viewers with brief details about the aftermath of the crime.

Similarly, viewers have credited the team for understanding the situation’s complexity.

Ella and Paris Bennett in The Family I Had
Her brother brutally murdered Ella when she was only 4.

The documentary provides direct answers as to why Paris did what he did.

Further, it also features how difficult it was for Charity to navigate her life after losing her children.

Additionally, the makes of the documentary never lost sight of the humans looking for answers to impossible questions.

After the court sentenced Paris to prison, Charity settled down and gave birth to her new child.

However, she always feared that Paris would return and do the same to his new sibling.

But, the show does not deem her a coward for having such thoughts. Instead, it recognizes the difficult situation that she is in.

Despite being a tragic story, The Family I Had is a powerful story with a glimmer of hope.

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