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The Last Sentinel Wikipedia With Review And Cast

Sci-fi movies are always thought-provoking and experimental, and The Last Sentinel is no exception. With its intense plot and world-building, viewers search for the Wikipedia of the film The Last Sentinel.

The Last Sentinel, released on March 24, 2023, is a visually mesmerizing movie.

The story is set in 2063, when rising sea levels have mostly submerged Earth, leaving only two small continents.

Moreover, the movie drops several plot twists, which changes the feel of the story.

The plot of The Last Sentinel brings back the old-fashioned sci-fi genre with a dystopian theme.

Now, fans have been looking for details of The Last Sentinel along with its review and Wikipedia.

The Last Sentinel Wikipedia With Review

As for the Wikipedia of The Last Sentinel, let’s delve into the plot summary first.

In The Last Sentinel, four soldiers find themselves stranded on a military base in the middle of the sea.

The crew waits for a relief support team that was supposed to arrive over three months ago.

Further, the prologue introduces the characters as a storm damages the ship.

The Last Sentinel movie
The sci-fi drama deals with four-stranded soldiers. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, a mysterious boat appears on the horizon, and Sully checks it while Hendrich arms the weapon to blow up the new ship.

Likewise, Sully and Baines are determined to repair the ship to escape while the sergeant is in control.

Throughout the story, there is a dispute among the crew as to who goes home as Cassidy volunteers to stay.

Meanwhile, Baines starts losing his cool as he begins drinking a lot due to the events in the story.

However, a major plot twist ends the movie as Cassidy kills two crew members.

She was a spy from the other side, searching for a weapon named “Martha” for her continent.

The Last Sentinel plot
The plot twists are what make The Last Sentinel enjoyable. (Source: Instagram)

The Wikipedia of The Last Sentinel tells the story of human survival in even the worst condition.

Further, the movie The Last Sentinel has received mixed reviews from viewers and critics.

As for us, the movie’s premise was quite simple, with a narrow scope with little information on the two continents.

Similarly, the characters’ psychology played a huge role in revealing tiny pieces of themselves through their actions.

Additionally, the movie The Last Sentinel does give a sense of mystery along with its action-driven plot.

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Meet The Last Sentinel Movie Cast

The Wikipedia of The Last Sentinel is incomplete without getting into the casting details.

According to IMDb, here are the notable cast members who appeared on the screen:

  • Kate Bosworth- Cassidy
  • Lucien Laviscount- Sullivan (Sully)
  • Martin McCann- Baines
  • Thomas Kretschmann- Hendrichs
  • Ben Pullen- Marine Sergeant
  • Karin Tammaru- Marine Corporal
  • Jan Erik Ehrenberg- Marine 1
  • Monica Tuvi- Marine 2

Further, the members behind the scenes have also contributed a lot to the action story.

The Last Sentinel cast
The movie has received mixed reviews from viewers. (Source: Instagram)

Tanel Toom directed the film, while Malachi Smyth wrote the story, which captivated the viewers.

Moreover, Josef Brandmaier, Mitch Budin, Jorg Bundschuh, Will Clarke, and Samantha Corsellis were the producers.

Enar Tarmo overlooked and coordinated the stunts as the story focused on soldiers.

Likewise, Andreas Alesik, Ralph Apfelbaum, Vishal Dharsha, and Tim Hillebrand were the directors of visuals for the film.

The page has also credited many others who played a crucial role in bringing the movie to our screens.

Similarly, the sci-fi film has an overall score of 5 out of 10 on its IMDb page.

Additionally, on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie The Last Sentinel has a total score of 33%, with 18 reviews.

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