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What Was Rick Doing?! The Ones Who Live Episode 2 Leak

As the first episode got straight into unanswered questions, the spin-off series, The One Who Live, received praise from viewers who now seek a leak for episode 2. What’s in store for Rick? Watch out for spoilers!

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series.

Created by Scott M. Gimple, Danai Gurira, and Andrew Lincoln, the story is set after the conclusion of The Walking Dead.

Further, it is the sixth spin-off of the original story, giving fans a new side of the interesting story.

The plot dives five years after the CRM takes Rick Grimes as he tries to escape their grasp.

In the previous episode, he finally accepts his new life and a position as the commander of a CRm operating base.

Later in the story, he reunites with his wife, Michonne, as his helicopter crashes following an explosive attack.

Such an interesting turn of events has led to fans searching for the leak of The Ones Who Live episode 2.

What Was Rick Doing?! The Ones Who Live Episode 2 Leak

The next episode will be a shift in perspective showing what Michonne was doing for all those years.

Through the leak of episode 2, The One Who Live showcases how she met the group’s leader at the original’s ending.

Further, the leader wants Michonne to join their community but she has plans to reunite with her husband.

Rick in The Ones Who Live leak
Rick has endured years of pain in the CRM facility. (Source: Instagram)

As the episode progresses, she fights a large herd of walkers with the help of her engineer friend, Nat.

Moreover, Michonne bonds with Aiden and Bailey as they share their story of separation from their group.

Later, while traveling through a small town, the team encounters a helicopter only to realize that Rick commanded it.

After their reunion, Rick assures his wife that he doesn’t work with the CRM and wants her to fabricate a story about their encounter.

Shortly after, Nat joins them but is killed by an injured soldier before getting to hear Rick’s story.

As the CRM incles close, Rick points a gun at his wife’s back and surrenders her into the army.

Michonne holding her katana in The Ones Who Live episode
The loss of their friends has added to the trauma. (Source: Instagram)

Now, she is in an interrogation room as she delves into a fake story about her origins and choice of weapon.

Moreover, Michonne survives the questioning and is hopeful to escape the CRM facility with her husband.

For years, Rick had been planning his escape, which seems close through the leak of The Ones Who Live episode 2.

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Will Rick And Michonne Survive? Fans Predict The Plot

After looking at the leak for The Ones Who Live, episode 2 has left fans speculating about the story’s direction

Previously, Rick has tried numerous times to escape the place and sent some of his belongings to his wife.

Further, in an incident, a clash with the CRM resulted in Rick chopping off one of his arms.

Rick with his friend in The Ones Who Live leak
Rick dives into his family background in the episode. (Source: Twitter)

Now, with Michonne in the CRM vicinity, Rick is close to his partner and wants to ensure her safety.

Moreover, he asks about the well-being of Judith but doesn’t get a proper response from Michonne.

While the pair ponder over Nat’s death, Rick assures them that they will safely reach their homes.

In the leak for episode 2, Michonne climbs on the roof and witnesses the military base and city in the background.

This gave viewers a look into the powerful enemy standing between Rick’s family and their freedom.

Michonne drawing her katana
Michonne didn’t realize it was Rick at first glance. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, Jadis, a soldier from CRM, realizes Rick’s plans and threatens to kill the people of Alexandria.

With such a situation, fans predict that the journey won’t be easy for Rick and Michonne.

However, The Ones Who Live might give a happy ending to fans who eagerly want the characters to achieve peace.

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