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The Voice Jacquie Roar Tattoo: How Many Does She Have? Meaning And Design

Jacquie Roar Tattoo is what people have been concerned about. How many tattoos does Roar have? Let’s take a look at its meaning and design.

Jacquie Roar is a talented country singer from the United States of America whose name came into media prominence after she appeared in the singing reality show The Voice.

Prior to her appearance on The Voice, Jacquie had already established an impressive track record, showcasing her talent by singing the national anthem for the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.

Apart from that, Roar has her own wedding DJ company that books gigs across Oregon. Not to mention, Roar is one of the top finalists on season 24 of The Voice.

Following that, people are eager to know more about Roar’s personal life mainly her tattoo. So, everything has been shared below.

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Jacquie Roar Tattoo: How Many Does She Have?

Jacquie Roar appears to be a tattoo lover as she has inked some art on her body parts. After she entered the Voice, people asked various questions about this matter.

For your information, Roar has made some tattoos on her body parts but it remains to be seen how many tattoos the country singer has.

Jacquie Roar Tattoo
Jacquie Roar has inked some art on her body parts and she is a tattoo lover. (Source: Instagram)

Not to mention, Roar can be followed on Instagram under the username @jacquieroar. She often posts images and videos of her daily life from her account.

Exploring her posts, Roar has also shown off her tattoo and most of her art can be seen on her arms, mainly on her left arm.

Jacquie Roar Tattoo Meaning And Design Explored

As said earlier, Jacquie Roar has inked some art on her body parts, and mainly has visible tattoos on her arms. Roar is a talented singer, and she is passionate about her craft.

Exploring her images, Roar may have made tattoos by showing her passion for music. She has inked a big heart on her left arm surrounded by a music sign.

Jacquie Roar Tattoo Meaning
Jacquie Roar is a tattoo lover and she has inked amazing art on her arms. (Source: Instagram)

Considering this art, Jacquie’s passion for music is linked with her heart. There is no doubt that she has a great voice and due to her love for music, she made the tattoo.

Furthermore, she has also made art on her other arm but the singer has yet to talk much about it with her followers.

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Short Details On The Voice Finalist Jacquie Roar

Jacquie Roar is a Chicago-based country singer whose name came into the limelight after participating in the voice. During her blind audition, she sang Here for the Party and turned four chairs.

After that, Roar chose to be on Gwen Stefani’s team. During the Battles, Gwen chose BIAS over Roar after their performance. But Reba quickly Stealed Jacquie onto her team.

Jacquie Roar Family
Jacquie Roar has a happy family of her own and she sometimes shares snaps with them. (Source: Instagram)

Jacquie wowed everyone in the Playoffs, securing an Instant Save that catapulted her into the top 5, vying for the title of The Voice Season 24 winner.

Apart from her professional life, Roar is also doing well in her personal life as she is the mother of a daughter named Leilani.

According to a report, she is dating her boyfriend Jesse and has another daughter, Georgia.


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