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Is Theo Von Trans? Comedian as TikTok claimed transgender man!

The comedian Theo Von is known for discussing different topics, including gender and sexuality. Recently, a video has been surfacing online, making fans curious to learn if Theo Von is trans. Find out the truth here!

Theodor Capitani Von Kurnatowski, known popularly as Theo Von, is an American stand-up comedian, podcaster, and television personality.

He has worked on several podcasts, including This Past Weekend and King and The Sting.

Further, Von began his entertainment career at nineteen with MTV’s Road Rules: Max Velocity Tour.

Fast forward to 2024, the personality has established himself as one of the most popular comedians with his stand-up specials.

Moreover, his podcasts feature Von’s storytelling, answering fan voicemails, and doing guest interviews.

Recently, a fan call with Theo Von has sparked rumors about the comedian, as many speculate that he might be trans.

Is Theo Von Trans? Comedian As TikTok Claimed Transgender Man!

The speculations about Theo Von being trans emerged after releasing a new episode for This Past Week.

In the podcast, the comedian reacts to a personal message sent by one of his fans, whose name also happens to be Theo.

Further, the individual claims that he is a transgender man but doesn’t know a thing about being a dude.

Theo Von with a mullet
Von interacts with his fans on a special podcast episode. (Source: Instagram)

As the video continues, he seeks advice from the comedian and wants answers to improve his new life.

Soon, the clip posted on TikTok gathered millions of views as many confused Theo Von about being trans.

However, all the speculations are false, and Theo Von is a straight man and not trans. 

Similarly, the rumors only circulated as the fan’s name coincidentally matched with the famous comedian.

After listening to his fan, Von stated that he had never been through something like being trans.

Theo Von during his podcast
Von often talks about sexuality on his talk shows. (Source: Twitter)

Adding to the statement, the comedian suggested his fan start chewing tobacco and spitting on the street to become more like a dude.

Jokes aside, Von assured his fans that such a transformation journey is beautiful and inspiring.

Likewise, the comedian took his time to welcome the trans man into the fandom with respect.

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Theo Von’s Dating History: A Peek At His Personal Life

To further debunk the rumors about him being trans, let’s look back at Von’s previous relationships.

The comedian maintained several prominent relationships which were well-known to his fans.

Previously, Von was together with Amanda Seyfried, Kate Bosworth, and Alexa Chung.

Theo Von with his friend
Von started with reality shows on MTV. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he had been linked to Swedish actress Tuva Novotny for several years before breaking up for undisclosed reasons.

The comedian also doesn’t shy away from recounting his past experiences with women on his podcast.

Currently, Von appears to be single but searching for a hard-working, understanding, and humorous individual like himself.

Growing up in Louisiana, he struggled in his family; his father was 67 when the comedian was born.

Later, Von lost his father to cancer and was raised alongside his siblings by his dedicated mother, Gina Capitani.

After distancing himself from the family, the comedian embarked on a journey to refine his career.

Theo for a photoshoot
Von has also launched his clothing brand. (Source: Instagram)

Soon after entering the industry, Von landed roles in Battle of the Seasons, The Gauntlet, and Fresh Meat.

Further, he participated in Last Comic Standing in 2006 and won the online competition.

Now, with his podcasts, Von has become an influential personality on the internet with connections to several celebrities.

Moreover, he seems to focus more on excelling in his field than tangling in romance.

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