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Theodore Barrett Wife Death: Who Was Janie Barrett? Family And Net Worth

Theodore Barrett wife death news has gained a lot of attention recently. The way the Deputy White House Press Secretary announced the passing of his wife shocked the public.

A video of the Deputy White House Press Secretary announcing his spouse’s demise has gone viral online. He also informs the viewers and audiences about the car accident which killed his wife.

The video was shared by The Onion, a news website known for sharing satirical content. Here is everything regarding the viral video and Barrett’s spouse’s death.

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Theodore Barrett Wife Death: Who Was Janie Barrett?

A video of White House Deputy Press Secretary Janie Barrett holding a press conference in 2008 – just hours after his wife, Janie Barrett, passed away – has gone viral. He rushes to discuss the agendas without expressing sorrow and regret for his wife’s death.

When asked about his kids, the press secretary answered shortly that they were in the hospital – one was in a coma, and another was dead. As the journalists asked him if he needed assistance or someone to talk to, he replied sternly that he must stop crying because he had promised to give his time to the country.

Barrett asked everyone to get back to their work as everyone was busy. But when concerned reporters question him about his spouse’s passing, he repeatedly tries to avoid the topic and provide brief responses.

Several people thought it was a true story. But it is fake and just acting. It may appear extremely rude, but the satirical news website called The Onion reportedly created it. The person in the video is one of the media Company’s actors.

Theodore Barrett Wife Death
A clip from The Onion’s viral clip – fake White House Press Secretary Theodore Barrett. (Image Source: YouTube)

The Onion is a United States-based satirical news website and newspaper that features humorous stories about local, state, and federal news. The publishing Company was established in 1988. In 1996, The Onion started publishing online content.

Although the news website’s content may be untrue, its strategy for creating fake news is to educate people about its satirical brand rather than trick or manipulate them.

They aim to use satire to represent the truth. And they did the same with Theodore’s video.

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Theodore Barrett Family And Net Worth

As mentioned above, Theodore Barrett’s press conference video is fake. Thus, Theodore Barrett doesn’t exist in reality. At least there isn’t a Whitehouse Deputy Press Secretary by that name.

The person portraying the Deputy Press Secretary in the video is an Actor working with The Onion. The Actor’s real name and identity are still confidential. But many people are praising his acting skill.

Also, in 2008, George W. Bush was the president of the United States. Likewise, Dana Parino was the Press Secretary, and Tony Fratto and Scott Stanzel were Deputy Press Secretaries.

The video shared by The Onion compares the president’s economic strategy. Theodore opened a press conference with various agendas but changed the topic by bringing up his wife’s death and the car accident.

Various online sources compared the situation of how politicians dismiss crucial issues. In addition, online users also linked it with the president’s economic policy that no one could understand.

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