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Thumpasaurus Wikipedia: Meet Musical Band And Its Members

With a funky performance on The Tonight Show, viewers were curious about Thumpasaurus and their details, including their official Wikipedia page.

Thumpasaurus is known for their signature funk-punk sound and their captivating live performances.

The band has been able to build a solid fanbase with the talent of its members and their creations.

Moreover, Thumpasaurus gained popularity after garnering attention on TikTok for their song Struttin.

Currently, the band has performed alongside big indie artists for their opening acts in several music festivals.

With their recent appearance on late-night shows, many are interested in Thumpasaurus and are checking out their Wikipedia page.

Thumpasaurus Wikipedia: Journey From Frat Row To Music Festivals

Despite having significant work in the industry, Thumpasaurus does not have a Wikipedia dedicated to them.

However, we bring you the detailed information on the musical group.

For years, Thumpasaurus has been selling out shows and playing iconic international tours.

But before that, the members of Thumpasaurus were just five students at USC with a passion for music and performance.

Thumpasaurus members during show
Thumpasaurus has worked alongside several indie artists. (Source: Instagram)

In the beginning, the band called themselves Thump as the members experimented with strange and funky tunes.

Moreover, fellow college students noticed them, and they became the name in underground house parties and backyard raves.

Likewise, these events gave the band encouragement to start a professional music career.

Meanwhile, they released their debut EP, Where Does The Love Go, in 2019, which received love from the listeners.

Additionally, the band has released three more albums, Live at the Echo, Hard, and Thumpaverse.

Over the years, the funk band honed their ability to get people dancing.

Further, their works recall 70s funk acts but also bring LA’s up-all-night electronic music scene.

Thumpasaurus album shoot
Fans enjoy the funky music created by the band. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, despite the lack of Wikipedia, the works of Thumpasaurus are known by listeners worldwide.

Along with that, many of the songs and albums of the band are home-produced by the members.

Through their energy and creativity, Thumpasaurus has been able to produce catchy songs that stick with the listeners.

Apart from the traditional methods, the band has also collaborated with AI and experimented with visual arts.

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Meet The Musical Band Thumpasaurus And Its Members: Experimental Funk

Due to the lack of Wikipedia, many want to learn more about the members of Thumpasaurus.

The funk band has five members, with Lucas Tamaren as its lead vocalist and guitarist and Henry Was on drums.

Further, Was also looks after the production of various songs and albums of the band.

Likewise, Logan Kane is on the bass, along with Henry Solomon on the saxophone.

Thumpasaurus also has Paul Cornish on the keys and Ben Benjamin on the visuals of the band.

Before starting the band, the lead vocalist drew inspiration from the creative culture on campus while pursuing a film major.

Moreover, Tamaren started playing in a campus folk band called the Neighbors.

Thumpasaurus singer and drummer
Tamaren and Was were the founding members of the band. (Source: Instagram)

While there, he met the drummer of the band, Was, who was studying music production at the time.

Together, they started playing house shows at fraternities on campus.

Despite traveling the world and racking up hundreds of thousands of views on their songs, the music community of USC remains with them.

Thumpasaurus is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to such talents in the band.

Recently, they celebrated an official release party for the album at the Mint in LA, with new songs for the fans.

Further, the band spent most of their 2023 on the road for its Struttin’ Across America tour.

Now, Thumpasaurus is gearing up for their early December run of tour dates with Guerilla Toss.

Moreover, the band also plans to have a show in France and U.K. for their European fans.

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