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Why Is Tim Dillon Boyfriend Trending Even After Marriage News?

The marriage rumors of Tim Dillon are fading out but he may have to deal with yet another internet drama, this time about boyfriend speculations. Let’s explore.

Tim Dillon is a famous American comedian who was born in the year 1985 on January 22.

Besides his famous comedy stand-up shows he is also known for being a podcaster and an actor.

Although his profession makes it look like he has nothing to worry about his life has not always been easy.

He was extremely young when his parents got divorced and his mother was later diagnosed with schizophrenia.

He also often talks about how he had been working since he was a kid and he had to fail multiple times before he finally made it big.

Recently, Tim Dillon was all over the internet for marriage rumors, it died down but he is still trending, this time for a boyfriend speculation.

Tim Dillon Still Trending After Marriage Rumors: Addresses Speculation Of A Secret Boyfriend 

Initially, when the speculations about Tim getting married began, everyone on the Internet was shocked.

None of his fans had ever known him to be in any relationship.

Tim Dillon in blue shirt
Tim Dillon has a great personality and is very charming when he is on screen. (Source: Twitter)

Tim Dillon is also not a person who shies away from keeping these details about his life private.

So this strange rumor led to a huge Internet buzz and many other rumors.

Some began wondering if he had married one of his co-stars or directors.

However, as the rumor was starting to get bigger Tim Dillon came forward with a statement denying it.

He said that he has no romantic involvement with any co-stars or directors and is completely single.

He proceeds to add that the main focus in his life at the moment is his comedy career.

As the marriage rumors started slowing down, time was faced with another speculation to keep him trending.

Tim Dillon boyfriend
The rumors about Tim Dillon mostly come from sites like Reddit and Twitter from his fan groups (Source: Twitter).

The speculation was about Tim Dillon having a secret boyfriend.

Some fans believe that Tim Dillon has got into a relationship and has a new boyfriend.

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Tim Dillon’s Boyfriend Rumors and Co-host Ben Avery’s Unexpected Departure Adds to the Drama

The fans think that his behavior towards his close ones has changed after getting into the relationship.

However, most fans also wonder if the boyfriend news about Tim Dillon is also fake like his marriage speculations.

Tim Dillon has not made any statements about these boyfriend rumors.

His taking a lot of time to address it is adding more fuel to this internet drama.

Tim Dillon with Ben Avery
Tim Dillon with Ben Avery have been co-hosts for a long time, their bond is something their fans very much love. (Source: Twitter)

Talking about drama another one of it was to unfold in Tim’s life.

This time about his alleged dispute with his co-host Ben Avery.

The drama began after Ben made an announcement saying that he would be leaving The Tim Dillon Show.

This was a big surprise for their fans because it came out of nowhere.

It had always seemed like they shared a great bond and never had any dispute.

Some assume that the reason for Ben to leave the show may be the alleged new boyfriend of Tim Dillon.

This speculation does not seem to be dying anytime soon keeping Tim Dillon on the trending list for some time.

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