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Who Is Aimee Gurner, The Business Tycoon Tim Gurner Wife? Wikipedia And Family

Amidst recent headlines surrounding the business tycoon Tim Gurner, the attention has shifted to his wife and business partner, Aimee Gurner. 

Tim Gurner, 41, is an Australian entrepreneur who is the owner and founder of Gurner Group with a net worth of $929 million.

Before the Gurner Group, he worked as an executive director and co-founder at Urban Inc.

Initially, Tim started with a gym at 20 before entering the property development business.

Under Gurner’s leadership, his company has undertaken various high-profile projects in the Australian real estate landscape.

Tim recently made headlines after he argued about the state of the workforce in the post-COVID-19 era.

While Tim’s comments stirred debate and even outrage, netizens’ focus has shifted to his wife.

Business Tycoon Wife Aimee Gurner: Wikipedia & Social Media

Aimee Gurner, the wife of the business tycoon Tim Gurner, is the co-founder of the Gurner Group and an interior designer.

Currently, Aimee Gurner does not have a Wikipedia page, so not much personal information is available.

Further, her Instagram profile is private, like her husband’s, which makes it difficult to gain details about her life.

Aimee is quite a private person with little social media presence.

However, Aimee seems to have a LinkedIn account with 500+ connections and over 718 followers.

Similarly, her husband also has a LinkedIn account with 30,423 followers, where he posts about real estate.

Nevertheless, it is widely known that Aimee, wife of Tim Gurner, has active involvement in business alongside her husband, Tim.

Tim Gurner and wife Aimee Gurner pose together for an interview with the Forbes magazine.
Forbes magazine interviewed the couple about their day. (Source: Instagram)

Aimee is outstanding in her work as the company Gurner Group has carved itself into the luxury lifestyle sector.

Further, Aimee, wife of Tim Gurner, has played a more private but equally important role for the company.

In addition, her support is crucial to Tim’s work and his success.

Due to his industry success, Tim was among the judges at  The CEO Magazine’s 2021 Executive of the Year Awards.

Recently, Aimee and her husband listed their personal luxury residence at Saint Moritz.

The couple personally designed and customized the interior of the said residence.

Moreover, with their penthouse on sale for $15 million, people are curious to know about the family details of Tim and his wife, Aimee.

Tim Gurner and Aimee Gurner: A Peek Into His Family

While Tim Gurner is in the public eye, Aimee likes to keep her life private.

Aimee has been married to Tim for quite some time, but official dates are not available.

Currently, Tim is 36 years old, but due to a lack of details regarding Aimee, their age gap cannot be said.

In addition, Aimee has also been Tim’s closest business partner for a long time.

Even though both Aimee and Tim are well known in the estate business, their family details and background are kept away from the public.

Further, information about their children is also not available. People aren’t even sure whether they have children or not.

Despite many controversies surrounding Tim Gurner, Aimee has kept her silence and rarely speaks on the issues.

This suggests that Aimee does not want to reveal any details of her personal life.

Moreover, the couple does not make many public appearances other than award shows.

Verdant Luxury describes Tim Gurner as Young Gun Aiming to be Australia's Next Property Icon
Tim Gurner is quite popular in real estate business in Australia. (Source: Instagram)

Besides, both Aimee and Tim are focusing on their career, building an impressive portfolio of over $ 10 billion.

Gurner Group is a leading name for its apartments, hotels, and other developments across Australia.

What’s more, the group has recently acquired a prime Sydney Harbour site. Both Aimee and Tim work hard for their company while also supporting each other.

Despite their private life, the couple are living a happy and blissful life now.

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