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Tingle In Live Action Zelda Movie: Tim Curry Or Josh Gad?

As the internet buzzes with speculations, many wonder who will play Tingle in the live-action adventure game The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda, an action-adventure game franchise, was the creation of designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka.

Further, the series centers on the various incarnations of Link, a courageous young man of the elf-like Hylian race.

He fights alongside Princess Zelda to save the magical land of Hyrule from the demon king.

Moreover, since the release of the original series, it has expanded to several entries on Nintendo and spin-offs.

Recently, news of The Legend of Zelda live-action surfaced online, and fans wonder about the casting of characters including Tingle.

Tingle In Live Action Legend Of Zelda Movie: Tim Curry Or Josh Gad?

The lore of The Legend of Zelda comes with a deep history and vast geography.

Among many characters, Tingle is recurring in the series with lively catchphrases and behavior.

Further, he wears red briefs over a green full-body jumpsuit and has a pointy head and ears.

Likewise, he first appeared as a map merchant in Majora’s Mask and has a significant role in The Wind Waker.

Live action Tingle
Tingle is a silly character in the series. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Tingle’s father is frustrated by his son’s immaturity and still refers to Tingle as a child despite his age.

Throughout the series, Tingle is looking for a fairy of his own and is eager to be friends with Link.

He sells two maps in each region, one of that region and another of the next region in Link’s quest.

Additionally, he provides them cheaply to Link as a sign of friendship.

Now, talking about the live-action casting for Tingle, fans have voted for many actors for the role.

However, the official team has not released any information about the casting of the live-action Tingle.

But this has not stopped fans from making assumptions as Tim Curry and Josh Gad are the top picks.

Tingle Legend of Zelda
Fans have voted Josh as the live-action Tingle. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Josh Gad has voiced many characters in animated movies and live-action.

On the other hand, Tim Curry has acted in numerous prominent roles throughout his career.

However, Tim suffers from the lifetime effect of a stroke as he uses a wheelchair to walk.

Nonetheless, viewers want to see the actors portray the strange character, Tingle, in the series’ live-action.

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Fan Casting For Characters Of The Legend Of Zelda

Apart from Tingle, fans want to see famous actors play notable characters on screen from the game.

Link, an ordinary boy, is the series’s protagonist who turns into a hero of the kingdom.

Further, viewers expect Thomas Brodie-Sangster to portray the legendary character.

Likewise, many users joke that either Chris Pratt or Tom Holland will potentially be cast for the role.

The users made comments after the official announcement of the live-action of The Legend of Zelda.

Meanwhile, adventure game fans visualize Saoirse Ronan as Princess Zelda in the upcoming movie.

She is a versatile actress and has given incredible performances in several movies.

Legend of Zelda live action
Viewers want famous actors in the live-action cast. (Source: Twitter)

Apart from the roles of hero, many wonder who could play the antagonist of the series.

According to fans, Ganondorf is a humanoid sorcerer and wicked character who could be played well by Riz Ahmed.

However, these speculations are only fan assumptions as the film is in the early development stage.

According to Miyamoto’s post, he has been working on the live-action with Arad.

Further, Nintendo is heavily involved in the movie’s production as The Legend of Zelda is the company’s second most successful franchise.

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