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Tinubu Controversy: 400 Billion Found In His House- Is It True Or Just A Rumor?

Igbo Times Magazine, a website, published the controversial claim that after raiding one of Tinubu’s underground homes, EFCC agents found approximately N400 billion in old notes.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission agents allegedly raided the residence of the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and allegedly recovered N400 billion.

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council has refuted this claim. At the same time, the Campaign council demanded that the publishers be detained for libel.

After the EFCC denied conducting the raid on the former governor of Lagos State’s home, the APC PCC responded.

The Party’s presidential Campaign council refuted a report that the EFCC raided the “underground House” of the APC’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu Controversy: 400 Billion Found In His House

Controversy has sparked after it was claimed that the anti-graft agency, ostensibly acting on orders from President Muhammadu Buhari, discovered N400 billion in Mr. Tinubu’s home during the raid.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission rejected the allegation that Bola Tinubu’s home had been searched. (Source: Twitter)

The Campaign Council asserted in a statement that the story lacked the essential who, what, when, and how components that cause a news story to go viral. Bayo Onanuga, director of media and publicity, signed the statement.

As per the online source of information, inquiries are still ongoing into which bank manager gave Mr. Tinubu access to such funds.

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The claim in the story was that the money found in Tinubu’s underground home was equal to all of the currency the CBN had printed for Nigeria as a whole.

Is The News True Or Just A Rumor?

A statement from the PCC Media and Publicity Director, Bayo Onanuga, also mentioned that the Campaign council had learned that the fake website was created to spread malicious and false information about their candidate.

The former managing director of the News Agency of Nigeria commended the EFCC for swiftly denying involvement in the false report by issuing a formal statement regarding the alleged raid by its men, but he urged national security organizations to pursue the website owners.

EFCC confirmed that they did not raid Tinubu’s home over alleged N400m in personal vault. (Source: Twitter)

Prior to the anti-graft agency refuted it on Sunday, the news gained traction on social media.

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Before more harm is done to their polity, he said, they implore the authorities to find the individuals responsible for the website that is heedlessly disseminating fake news.

Additionally, they wanted to alert Nigerians to the dangers of believing any news coming from the website or its social media accounts.

Is The Bank Manager Arrested?

The statement noted that the website, which on Twitter and Facebook appears to have connections to the Labour Party, went further and claimed in another post that Mr. Muhammadu had ordered the arrest of the bank manager who provided the APC candidate with the fictitious funds.

In a previous article, the online publication claimed that an enraged mob had stopped N3 billion fresh notes from reaching Tinubu’s home.

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The APC Campaign council claimed that the other false reports on the website claimed the federal government intended to borrow money from kidnappers in Kaduna because they possess more wealth than their nation, attributing the false report to Lai Mohammed, the minister of information and culture.


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