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Are Todd And Julie Chrisley In Custody: When Will They Go To Prison?

Are the reality T.V. stars Todd And Julie Chrisley In Custody? Will the Chrisley Knows Best stars face prison? Let’s find out. 

Todd And Julie Chrisley rose to fame after they appeared in the N.B.C. Universal show Chrisley Knows Best.

The series was well received by the audience and fans alike.

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Are Todd And Julie Chrisley In Custody?

Todd and Julie were convicted in June this year of bank scams and tax ditching. They were found guilty of fraudulent bank loans and attempting to deceive the I.R.S.

The prosecutors alleged that the two used fake documents to gain $30 million in bank loans.

Later, they defaulted on at least $20 million in debt when Chrisley declared bankruptcy in 2012.

Todd And Julie Chrisley In prison
Todd And Julie Chrisley are facing prison for defraud cases. (Source: Insider)

Furthermore, the two tucked away lots of cash from the I.R.S. that they had earned from the U.S.A. Network’s top-rated original series, Chrisley Knows Best.

According to the prosecutors, Julie and Todd are career chiselers. They made a living by swinging from one fraud scheme to another, stiffing vendors, lying to bands, and whatnot. Also, the two evade taxes at every corner.

All of their fortune and empire were built upon fraud schemes and defrauded community banks’ money. Todd enjoyed a vacation in L.A. with the stolen money when the banks collapsed.

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Will Todd And Julie Chrisley Go To Prison?

The stars of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd And Julie Chrisley, faced long-term federal prison sentences in November 2022. The two were sentenced to lengthy terms in federal prison for a 15-year scam spree.

According to a trusty report, Julie Chrisley faced up to 7 years while Todd faced up to 12 years in prison.

Concerned authorities and federal prosecutors had requested the jury that Julie should face 10 to 12 years and that Todd should be sentenced to at least 17-21 years.

The two and their accountant, Peter Tarantino, faced up to 3 years in prison for his role in Chrisleys’ illegal scheme. Peter was convicted of planning to file false taxes and defraud the I.R.S.

Besides, a few family friends of Chrisleys jumped into their defense, saying that the couple was friendly and not selfish. According to the defense lawyers, their friends saw Todd and Julie as their role models.

Likewise, Julie’s defense lawyers said she should face probation instead of prison as she has nothing to do with Todd’s fraud case.

Todd And Julie Chrisley In Chrisley Knows Best

Chrisley Knows Best became one of the top-rated original and popular U.S.A. series featuring Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Both Chrisleys flaunted their grand fortune in the T.V. show while stiffing creditors.

Todd And Julie Chrisley-In-interview
Todd And Julie Chrisley In the show. (Source: Fox News)

According to the prosecutor’s sentencing memo, the couple didn’t even bother to pay their service workers and contractors for work on their House.

Likewise, Chrisleys’ defense lawyer, Bruce Morris, said that many employers of the Chrisley Know Best spinoff show rely on Todd and Julie for income. Hence, the two’s sentences should be reduced.

The Season 10 of the show is expected to air next year in 2023. A few episodes of the following year’s season were filmed before their trial began.

However, no official plan from N.B.C. Universal has been to announce further dates for additional series seasons.

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