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Tomás Holder Video Viral on Twitter: Leaked Video Scandal Explained

Tomas Holder Video Viral: The Big Brother participant is currently in the limelight as his private was leaked on social media. Here’s more about the scandal.

Tomas Holder is a social media star and rising reality television personality who gained widespread recognition for appearing in Big Brother.

Apart from that, Holder has a huge fan following on his social media handles. We can find him active on Instagram as @tomasholder_, and he has amassed over 1 million followers.

Likewise, Holder is an active TikTok user, and more than 878k people have followed him on the respective platform. Furthermore, Holder is currently in the spotlight following his private video leak.

Tomás Holder Video Viral on Twitter

Tomas Holder has dragged the eyes of many people as his video has gone viral on many social media platforms like Twitter. The social media star was allegedly involved in an intimate moment with Agustina La Tana.

It is said that Holder himself recorded the video with OF model Agustina and it was not the recent moment. Agustina has come forward to talk about the incident from the past, and she has said that she was surprised by the viral video.

Tomás Holder Video Viral
Tomás Holder’s viral video has been shared by many people on Twitter and other platforms. ( Source: Twitter )

She said that the video of herself would have a watermark, but the current video that is going viral does not have a watermark, which makes it clear that Holder was the one who recorded it. 

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Tomás Holder Leaked Video Scandal Explained

As said earlier, Tomas Holder is making headlines due to his leaked video that has gone viral on Twitter and other platforms. Reportedly, he was engaged in an intimate scene with OF model Agustina.

The model was not aware of the viral video, but she had already addressed the topic saying that Holder was the one who recorded it.

Tomás Holder Leaked Video
Tomás Holder have not talked much about his viral video that was leaked on Twitter. ( Source: Instagram )

The viral video has dragged the eyes of many people, and many social media users have shared it on Twitter. It is said that the video first went viral on Whatsapp groups, and later it was also uploaded on adult websites.

While talking about the incident, the OnlyFans model said they had good memories when they met. She also said that they were together for four days and hung out together. 

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Tomás Holder Reacts To Leaked Video On Twitter

Tomas Holder is going viral due to his private video with OnlyFans model Agustina La Tana. As said earlier, Agustina has already talked about the viral incident.

On the other hand, Tomas has not opened up his mouth yet, but he is surely aware of his viral video that was leaked on social media and is going viral on Twitter.

Tomás Holder Reacts
Tomás Holder is making headlines due to his leaked video that went viral on Twitter. ( Source: Instagram )

Despite that, Holder has shared some posts in which he hinted at his viral video. Many people have gone to his Instagram posts and have made comments regarding his leaked video. 

Holder recently made a post on IG saying, “always wanted to be with a rockstar.” Following that, many of his followers made jokes about it and said many funny things. A fan wrote, “However, he became an adult Actor.”

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