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Daughter Stabs Mother Olivia! Tonantzyn Beltran Video, Livestream

The investigation into the reason behind Tonantzyn Beltran’s act of taking her mother Olivia’s life is still ongoing, which gained popularity due to the video of Tonantzyn Beltran that was shared online. Let’s delve into this deeply.

A shocking case of violence occurred on January 8th, 2024, in San Rafael, California.

A 28-year-old Tonantzyn Oris Beltran allegedly stabbed her mother, 55-year-old Olivia Beltran Pacheco, to death.

The horrific attack was broadcast live on Facebook by Tonantzyn, causing distress and outrage.

Soon after, police arrested Tonantzyn and charged her with her mother’s murder.

The motive for the stabbing is still being investigated, but some details have emerged about the strained relationship between mother and daughter.

Further, the video has leaked to other platforms, but police are working urgently with Meta to contain its reach.

As the community mourns this terrible crime, many questions remain unanswered about the video of Tonantzyn Beltran.

So, what could drive a daughter to commit such an incomprehensible act against her mother? 

The following article will give detailed information about the incident from the video Tonantzyn Beltran.

Why Did Tonantzyn Beltran Stabs Her Mother, Olivia?

The investigation into why Tonantzyn Beltran killed her mother, Olivia, is still ongoing.

The reason for the brutal stabbing remains unclear. But an insight into Tonantzyn’s state of mind is beginning to emerge.

Friends of Olivia Beltran Pacheco said she has long supported her daughter with mental health issues.

Olivia Beltran
Olivia Beltran ultimately lost her life at the hands of her daughter. (Source: NY Post)

Tonantzyn appeared to be unsteady and acting erratically for quite some time.

Olivia, by all accounts a caring and devoted mother, was still desperately trying to heal and support her daughter until the tragic attack.

What led Tonantzyn to go to her mother suddenly is never fully explained.

Her mental state and motivations are key questions that detectives continue to explore.

Meanwhile, it suggests chronic mental illness likely preceded the stabbing.

But whether this was the sole motive or other interpersonal, economic, or psychological dynamics between mother and daughter also played a role remains a mystery.

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What Was In Tonantzyn Beltran Video & Livestream?

In a disturbing episode, Tonantzyn Beltran recorded video before and during the fatal attack on her mother, Olivia.

A video surfaced showing Tonantzyn waving a knife in the lobby of the Santa Rosa Police Department just hours before she killed her.

The implication was that Tonantzyn was already in a dangerous and irrational state of mind even before she stabbed her mother.

Most unfortunately, Tonantzyn reported the actual stabbing on her Facebook livestream.

Moreover, the video has surfaced on social media platforms other than Meta’s power.

Stories of violence from the video have caused public confusion, sadness, and anger.

Olivia Beltran
Tonantzyn allegedly streamed Olivia Beltran’s murder on Facebook Live. (Source: NY Post)

The San Rafael Police Department is working with Meta immediately to monitor and remove videos from Facebook, Instagram, and other agency services.

But the images have already reached Twitter and other sites, where they risk going viral.

This can further destabilize the individual and expand the recognition of Tonantzyn’s horrific crimes.

This unfortunate incident demonstrates that social media can quickly escalate violence to extremely disturbing levels.

As Meta struggles to restrict access, the video’s viral presence highlights the challenges tech companies face when addressing violent content online.

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