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Tony Beets Net Worth: Television Career & Lifestyle

Legendary Gold miner of Klondike and famous television personality Tony Beets has an estimated net worth of about $15 million. 

Tony Beets is most popular for being a member of Discovery Channel’s Reality TV Show, “Gold Rush.”

This show follows the members, their crews, and family on adventures to mine gold.

Tony was born in Wijdenes, Netherlands, on 15th December 1959.

Tony Beets (Source: Facebook)

Initially, he earned his living milking cows in the Netherlands before immigrating to Canada in 1984.

Tony first worked in the construction field for three years.

Later, he moved to gold mining, starting as a machine operator.

Now, Tony runs his own mine called “Tamarack Mine” in Dawson City, Yukon.

Tony Beets Quick Facts

Let’s look at some quick facts about Tony Beets:

Full Name Tony Beets
Age 64 years old
Date of Birth 15th December 1959
Birthplace Wijdenes, Netherlands
Father Klaus Beets
Mother Magda Beets
Wife Minnie Beets
Children   Monica Beets

Bianca Beets

Kevin Beets

Mike Beets

Profession Gold Miner, Television Personality
Net Worth $15 million
Nationality  Dutch-Canadian
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color White
Horoscope Sagittarius
Social Media Facebook


Last Updated May, 2024

Tony Beets Net Worth & Income


Gold Mining & “Gold Rush

Tony Beets has starred in the TV show “Gold Rush” from its second season till the latest one.

First, he appeared on the show’s second season as an advisor to Todd Hoffman.

Tony explained about drilling test holes to mine gold to Hoffman.

Then, he again appeared on the show’s fourth season.

This time, Tony was on the show as a mentor to Parker Schnabel, who was mining on his land in Dawson City, Canada.

In the show’s fifth season, Tony Beets bought a dredge for $1 million in Clear creek for his mining operation.

He estimated that this dredge has the potential to dig about $1.5 million worth of gold in only one season.

The following table shows the amount of gold Tony Beets mined from season six to season eleven of the show:

Season Gold (in ounces)
Season 6 737
Season 7 2176
Season 8 3659
Season 9 4400
Season 10 2259.36
Season 11 3030.26

In 2018, Tony and his crew mined 3,659 ounces of gold worth about $4.39 million in Eureka Creek.

Therefore, he has earned a fortune from the gold he accumulated over the several seasons of the show.

Tony Beets has featured not only on the main show “Gold Rush” but also made multiple appearances in the show’s several spin-off series.

Till now, Tony has appeared in over 160 episodes of the show “Gold Rush.”

Likewise, he receives about $25,000 per episode for his appearance on the show.

Gold Mines

Tony is the owner of multiple gold mines in the Yukon territory.

He owns the Tamarack mine and Scribner Creek claim.

As mentioned earlier, he lent his Scribner Creek claim to Parker Schnabel in the show’s fourth season.

Similarly, Tony earns a decent sum of money by lending his mines to other gold miners in exchange for his cut.

Do you know fellow Gold Miner Parker Schnabel and his income?

Net Worth

Tony Beets’ net worth is estimated to be around $15 million.

He earned most of his wealth from gold mining and appearing on the “Gold Rush.”

Accordingly, Tony has the highest net worth among the members of the show.

Net Worth of Tony Beets in Different Currencies

Let’s take a look at Tony Beets’ net worth converted into different currencies:

Currency Net Worth
Euro 12,633,375
Pound Sterling £ 10,836,225
Australian Dollar A$ 19,922,835
Canadian Dollar C$ 18,524,025
Indian Rupee 1,115,055,000
BitCoin ฿ 438.0318

Tony Beets House & Cars


Paradise Hills

Tony Beets and Minnie Beets introduced their new home in Paradise Hill, Canada, through the spinoff series Gold Rush: The Dirt in 2020.

Arizona Vacation Home

Tony Beets and his family live in Maricopa, Arizona, when they are not mining.

In the off-season, they relax in the luxurious house built upon a 2,739 square feet area.

It is said that Tony and his family bought this house for $315,000.

Tony Beets Arizona House (Source: https://abtc.ng/)


Tony Beets is not the type of person to splurge his hard-earned money on fancy cars.

However, according to a source, he owns a Mercedes convertible. The car is worth about $145,000.

Apart from that, Tony owns numerous trucks and equipment used for his mining operations.

Tony Beets Lifestyle & Vacation


Tony Beets started working at a very young age.

His father suffered from disability when he was only 15 years old.

So, Tony milked cows and worked on the farm to make ends meet.

Tony and his wife, Minnie, are childhood friends. They first met each other when Tony’s family moved next door to Minnie’s family.

Tony was seven, and Minnie was only six years old then. They started dating when Minnie turned 20.

The couple got married and migrated to Canada in search of better opportunities.

Similarly, Tony and Minnie have four children: Monica, Bianca, Kevin, and Mike Beets.

Tony’s whole family is involved in his gold mining business.

The couple also had another daughter named Jasmine. Unfortunately, she passed away when she was only about three months old.

Tony has a tattoo of a jasmine flower on his arm in remembrance of his late daughter.

In the present, Tony and his family live a decent life with the ability to afford most of their needs.


Tony and Minnie traveled to Mexico for a vacation in 2020 to enjoy the warm weather.

In a clip from the series Gold Rush: The Dirt,” Tony stated that he likes to sit and relax in hot tubs during his vacations.

Tony Beets Charity

Tony Beets and his son, Kevin Beets, participated in Ritchie Bros.’ premier global auction held in Orlando, Florida.

Marking the tenth anniversary of the TV show, “Gold Rush,” the Discovery channel collaborated with Volvo to design and make a special edition EC200E excavator.

The special edition Volvo EC200E excavator was sold for $290,000 online to a buyer in Belgium at the auction.

It had signatures of the show’s members Tony Beets, Parker Schnabel, and Rick Ness on the operator seat.

All the money gained from the sale was donated to charity organizations: Habitat for Humanity and Building Homes for Heroes.

Tony Beets Controversy

Tony Beets and his company, Tamarack Inc., were fined $31,00 for setting a dredge pond on fire at his mining site on the Indian River close to Dawson City, Yukon.

In 2015, the incident was broadcast on an episode of Discovery channel’s “Gold Rush.”

The scene showed one of Tony’s employees pouring gasoline over a dredge pond and another employee setting the fire.

Tony was present on the scene, and it is reported that he had permitted his employee to perform the stunt.

The reason behind carrying out such a stunt was believed to be a superstitious idea that putting the dredge pond on fire would “change its luck.”

Tony and his employees thought setting the fire would make the dredge work better and bring luck for the mining operation.

Mark Favron, one of the employees involved in the stunt, was charged more than $1,700 as fines.

The Yukon territorial court had received the complaint and charged Tony and his employees for pollution.

Likewise, the court also convicted Beets’ company for two violations of their water license.

Tony Beets Career

Tony Beets operates one of the largest gold mining operations in Klondike, Yukon.

And Tony has been starring on the Discovery channel’s show, “Gold Rush,” since its second season in 2011.

Therefore, he is one of the most prominent and famous members of the show.

From a farmworker in the Netherlands to a gold miner in Canada, Tony has been through a lot.

Many gold miners and mining families often go to Tony for valuable advice on gold mining.

Tony is known to hire local teenagers on his mining operations if they can pass his harsh training.

Tony Beets has also appeared on several spinoff series of the show: Gold Rush: Pay Dirt” (2017), Gold Rush: White Water” (2018), and Gold Rush: The Dirt” (from 2013 to 2020).

In 2013, he also appeared in a documentary called Gold Fever.”

Tony is set to appear on the Discovery channel’s new spinoff series, Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.”

“Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” will be broadcasted on 30th July 2021 at 8 pm ET/PT.

3 Facts about Tony Beets

  • It may be because Tony spent his childhood on a farm, but he loves milk.
  • He has a hobby of collecting wooden birds carved by an artist in Klondike.
  • Tony has a nickname, “Tony Peep,” as he gets bleeped out the most in the show due to his harsh language.


Where does Tony Beets live?

Tony Beets and his family live in Maricopa, Arizona, when it is off-season.

During the mining season, they live near their mining operation in the Yukon territory.

How much does Tony Beets make per episode?

Tony Beets earns $25,000 per episode for appearing on the Discovery channel’s reality TV show, “Gold Rush.” To date, he has made appearances on about 160 episodes of the show.

Who is the richest person on Gold Rush?

Tony Beets ranks as the wealthiest person among the TV show casts Gold Rush,” with a net worth estimated at $15 million.



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